Secret Garden

What is there to do
When all they ever do
Is screaming back at you,
When they laugh and tease you?

I just fall inside myself
Rest on an invisible sea's shore
And I'm not here anymore.

Dream of blue roses
And a shooting star,
I wake up in this place I've never seen so far,
Yet it feels like home to me,
It's the place no one can ever find me.

Lost trough the sea of people with bussiness suits,
I walk still, yet fall on the black and white floor,
Roses bloom under my view,
Out of nowhere,yet no one notices
The leaves growing under their feet
No one sees the flower blooming under their seat.

I never said they should, because they can't,
It's only me
That I dare the butterfly flying in this room to see,
You can still talk to me,
My body listens , yes, but my soul and mind are gone,
Shout at me
Or tell me words a friend or a father shouldn't,
But I'm not even here,
I'm not on my feet ,
I'm fallen,
I'm getting lost
In my secret garden.