To Yumeko....

i hold your hand in silence,
whisper in the breeze,
you laugh and smile, no violence,
sitting among the trees.
i laugh and smile in return,
glad, finally, you're at peace,
no, nothing can ever burn,
in this sweet release.
total relaxation,
nothing, no obstacles in our way,
a sister's adoration,
something i can repay,
we giggle and we fight,
playfully today,
no, never ever, can this feeling go away.
my sweet, dear sister,
so lovely to behold,
my only twin sister,
so special, so bold.
sometimes i wonder,
how do you deal?
tell me, my sister,
what is it that you feel?
you know you can trust me evermore,
and believe me, i'll be here for you forevermore.
i love you always, my pretty one,
i love you, my dear,
i'll always love the one,
the one i always hear.
in your mind, you know me now,
always at your side,
and you know i wonder how,
you can ever decide.
but our troubles can't touch us now,
never, anymore,
because my sister, i love you,
and you will never be a bore.
so as i kiss your soft cheek,
remember the words i say:
"Ai shiteru, so^sei ji,
I'll love you till my dying day."