sitting in my lonely boat on the water,
rocking gently back and forth on the waves,
listening to the busy people talking,
it's like i'm in a dreamy daze.
the loneliness, so overwhelming,
when you are away,
the happiness you bring,
is missed so much today.
as i sit by and watch my blue lake,
it seems to want to comfort me,
the sadness you seem to take,
if only we were meant to be.
but it is not my decision,
nor will it ever be,
make your small incision,
upon my misery.
help me find the one,
the one destined for me,
before i come undone,
before i'm engulfed in this misery.
why can't i have just disowned you?
run away, far away,
it's as if you feel me, too,
but it won't be today.