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A/N: It's been a whole year since the end of 'Gorgeous' and
Josh is now a sophomore at Ohio State University.


I stare up at the ceiling, doing my absolute best to get Jeremy
out of my mind. Dwelling on him won't help. A knock on the
bedroom door startles me.

"Dude! It's eight o'clock, haul ass!" Damn! I almost forgot.
It's 'American Idol' night; my roommate, Teddy, and his girlfriend got
me hooked on it. Danielle, Teddy's girlfriend, really gets into these
shows, hell she even cried when the marine was kicked off. She can be
rather pathetic at times but all around she's nice…unless you criticize
her T.V. intake, then she can be down right evil. I think it was Dustin
in my creative writing course made that mistake. She went nuts,
yelling and bitching about how T.V. was not her obsessive habit and
Matt from 'Survivor' was damn straight sexy at the reunion show.
Needless to say, Dustin hasn't criticized much about her lately.

"Josh! Move! I can't see my Ryan and Clay!"

"Someone's tune changed since last week." I smile to take the
sting from my words.

"I can't dwell on my marine forever can I?" Danielle places her
attention solely on the singing competitors and smiles. "Ryan so wants
Clay's little ass."

Teddy groans. He is by no shape a homophobe, but as most
straight guys feel he doesn't like to dredge up mental images of two
men together. It's sort of a running joke between them. They watch
just about anything, including commercials, and she points out the slash
potential, thereby ruining whatever they are watching forever for

What is slash, you might ask? Slash is the pairing of two men
in a movie, television show, book, and just about anything else you can
think of. And slash doesn't always have to be true to plot like 'Will
and Grace' with gay men, it can be characters or real people a part of
the mass media who are not gay at all. For instance, Danielle can
totally see the slash between Ryan and Clay on 'American Idol' but
neither Clay nor Ryan has formally come out. Do you get what I'm
saying? It doesn't matter, if you're reading this and don't hate it, then I
figure you have some semblance of what slash is.

"You sing it Clay sweetie!" Danielle roots from her position on
the couch.

"Calm down, it's just a show." Teddy pats her on the arm and
shifts a couple inches away. She tends to claw when she gets nervous;
both Teddy and I have fingernail scars to prove it.

I sit there and watch and desperately try to forget about Jeremy.
It's been a year and I still can't get rid of him. Damn my parents and
damn him for not coming after me. Maybe I should have taken the
initiative but he knows I'm not the initiative-taking type of person! In
bed yes, in the real world, no. I mean Jesus Christ; it still feels like I'm
cheating on him when I try to date. But you know what? I'm going to
forget about him right now, I have Ryan Seacrest and in an hour I'll
have Tom Welling. Did I mention that Danielle's a rabid Clex fan?


"I can't believe he lost." Danielle savagely bites into her piece
of pizza. "Damn it all to hell." I tune her out as she continues to bitch
and moan to Teddy about 'American Idol'. I don't know if I mentioned
it but she tends to be a bit obsessive.

"I'm going to get some air. Be back." They know better than
to protest, I'd just get pissed and spend the night at Daniel's apartment.
Daniel and Jon are still together but the only difference is the long
distance thing. I think it'll work for them. I stand, leaving my half-
eaten fifth slice and grab my jacket. I make sure to remember my key
and then leave, feeling their eyes on my back the whole way.

I have to walk. I need to get away from 'American Idol' and
thoughts of Jeremy and just move around. The air always clears my
thoughts. I love it outside. A wind blows through my jacket and I pull
it tighter.

I have a bad feeling about tonight.


That's it for right now. My muses are straining enough as it is.
I will have a new chapter up soon. I am out of school tomorrow and I
have all the time in the world to write!!! Woohoo!!!!! I'm so excited
and I just can't hide it!

So you guys liked it???