AN: I do try to get WWII things accurate but this short story doesn't focus on history anyways. Hope ya like ^_-

It was a cold day in France, and a small convoy of British army trucks rolled tirelessly by. As the wind picked up more, so did the convoy, and soon it had become out of sight. The convoy had no thought of stopping for the unconscious man. His brownish green uniform proved to be unfortunately too good of camouflage for him and it was a horrible shame. Soon there was no one in sight on the field but his inanimate body.

The grassy fields of eastern France were a beautiful place but often rainy and wet and nothing but an occasional tree every so yard. To be lost in an unknown land was just like being in the devil's underworld: perilous and heart pounding. More wind picked up and rain began to trickle, soaking the solder. But miraculously, the man's hand twitched with alertness and he was soon opening his mud incrusted eyes. He had no idea were he was and how he got there but he only remembered falling from the sky. He noticed that he was laying in a mud patch on the ground. Oh how he wished that his goggles had stayed on! He considered himself lucky because not only did he survive the parachute fall down but he had not been seen by any German troops so far.

This was World War Two and everything you did was a dangerous job. Irwin J. Beilz was his name and he was a Corporal in the U.S. Army with the 101 Airborn Divison. He had lived in San Diego, California before he was drafted in the Army and War began. His parents back home were saddened that he was going to fight in the war. They told him that a 19 year old was not supposed to go killing other people no matter if he was doing his job. But Irwin felt it was right to go. Then D-Day began and here he was.

Now all he wanted to do was go home; lost from his company and still alive. For some reason-Beilz didn't now why- He felt it would have been better to have been shot down by krauts then to still feel his terrified heart pound in his chest. Yes, to pass away might have been better than being alone.

He urged his sore body to rise and his steel helmet forced him to stay. He was weak and could hardly move at first. His hand went to his uniform jacket to check if he had broken anything like a rib, but all seemed well there. He was glad to know that he could now move his arms and legs, telling him that they weren't broken.

So here he was. Corporal Beilz of the 101st lost in the pouring rain and this stupid country with only a couple of pieces of bread. Beilz sat up and looked about him, the rain trickling down his helmet and on to his shoulders. There was absolutely nothing in all direction but grass. GRASS! Beilz took off his helmet, shook his wet hair and put it back on again. I hate France! He thought, glaring out into the distance. He looked back down in the dirt and turned his body over to look for his rifle. He saw a small piece of something sticking out of the mud and he reached over and pulled at it but to his astonishment, it wasn't a rifle. Beilz pulled out a muddy skull. It was the skull of a human being! His quivered as he held it in his hand and dug around in the mud further more and found a silver amulet in the ground. Why would there be a skull and a trinket in a lonesome place like this? Beilz wondered as he pulled the small chain out and realized the skull must have belonged to a girl or woman. At that moment something odd happened and he was sucked from this world. He felt himself falling...and falling...


When the sickness and queer feelings had passed, Beilz saw himself in a field opposite from the one he had come from. This field was full of dry tall grass that stretched forever and it was evening just before the sun set over the familiar hills; it no longer was raining either, which was good. Beilz gazed at the necklace in his hand. Some how the amulet he grabbed had eerie powers. The air smelled odd around him; kind of misty and surreal.

Beilz looked to his left and what he saw made him drop to the ground. There was now a small house were there hadn't been one a second ago and a young girl wearing a bright red dress came from the old fashioned house, running as fast as she could. She ran towards Beilz through the tall grass, and as she got closer Beilz realized she wasn't as young as he thought she was. Her petite and fragile figure made her seem to be only twelve but now he guessed she was fifteen or sixteen. She looked tired and upset as she ran closer to Beilz; he noticed she was sobbing.

He pushed himself, although with pain, and stood up from the cold earth and cleared his dry throat. "Are you okay little girl?"She ignored him. He asked again "Um, do you know where this place is...?" she ran right past him with out a glance then swung around, stared, and startled him by saying his name "Irwin." How did she know his name? This place creeped him out so bad but he had no other option right now but to run after her. He pulled his wet pack over his shoulders and ran after her for a ways until she finally stopped at the edge of the yellow sea of grass. Beilz stood next to the girl as she fell to her knees, shaking a little as she whispered a faint "No." He looked down upon her, noticing she had stepped in something. Time seemed to slow...

A sudden spine chilling cry pierced his ears as wolves (or something) howled in the distance. The girl jerked her head up at the noise and Beilz looked abruptly to the west. He noticed that the sun had now retreated to the hills and the moon was now rising. "What are you doing? Girl, wolves can eat you. Get UP!" He heard voices far off and foot steps of something approaching. Beilz panicked and leaned down and grabbed at her arm and was stunned as his hand grasped hers. He must not be in a dream because she felt so real! She was cold and clammy, like the dead often felt like. Beilz gave a shudder and he watched her as she tried to get up, her foot caught in a sink hole and she could not pull herself out.

The girl turned her face to look up at him and said with sorrow in her voice. "They will eat me. They are the beasts of those men! I can't die me, Irwin." she squeezed his arm firmly. Beilz didn't have a clue what she was talking about and thought this war finally made him go insane. But he didn't want to take the chance of getting torn apart by a wild animal so he wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled as hard as his sore body would let him. He tried but she was strangely heavily, like something didn't want her to be pulled out. He stopped and yanked off his pack and helmet and grasped her again. He pulled with all his strength and with all his heart until her leg had been finally freed and dragged her away from the sink hole. As he set her gently on the ground he caught a glimpse of a silver amulet that dangled at her slender neck. The realization sent Beilz stomach flipping. His blood went cold and he could not catch any breath in his tired lungs. He froze and fell to the ground where he grasped his helmet and looked into the girl's green eyes.

"Those remains I found...that was you." Beilz whispered to the still girl. She nodded. "So, you're a ghost? Then do you haunt this field because you were killed by...soldiers...German soldiers, not wolves?" He asked. She nodded and replied,

"Every since I died that day-seeming so silly really- while stuck in a hole after running furiously out of my home because of my mother, my spirit has been re-living that night over and over again. I visually forgot of all that happened except the soldiers' dogs. I remember their footsteps as they found me lying in the mud, helpless. Until you, no one could find my remains and set my spirit free. Thank you..." Her face was peaceful but in the moonlight, she slowly began to fade away before Beilz's eyes. Yet he was not scared by this and didn't do a thing but watch her go. He only bowed his head down in exhaustion and sat there on the cold ground, knees drawn up to his face as tears fell from his eyes very subtly and gently.

"How could such a thing happen to a girl so sweet and young?" He asked himself. Beilz felt glad though to have helped this helpless girl..very glad indeed. He rested his back against the hard ground and closed his eyes, wishing to float away. In his tiredness he heard soft voices in the distance.

"Beilz...Beilz.." his body shook all over..

~^~^~^~^~ Bielz woke up to the sun shining on his dirty face. A sandy haired man in an Army uniform and helmet stood in front of him, calling his name and shaking him on the shoulder.

"Hey! Beilz, you doze off or something? Come on, we're heading out of St. Lo at 1200 hours, so get your gear!" Beilz looked around and noticed he was back with his platoon in St. Lo, which they had just secured. How did he not remember where he had been this whole time?

"Mack is that you for real?" Beilz asked the guy who woke him up.

"Yeah it's me, you twit, who else? That last bomb must have got to your head, pal."

"It was really weird, Mack. I dreamed I was stranded out on this field after parachuting and I found a necklace and then this girl." Beilz realized that what he just witnessed was all just a crazy dream his mind cooked up. He started to chuckle as he pushed himself off the sandbags where he remember lying upon before he fell asleep. Mack walked with him back to the company truck to get their gear and new supplies and head out with their captain.

"You had a dream, and what? Well, what was it about?" Mack goaded Beilz as they started walking. Mack handed Beilz a cigarette.

"Thanks." Beilz put it in his mouth and didn't do anything until Mack reached over with a match and lit the cigarette for him.

"What's eating you Beilz?" Mack glared at his friend. Beilz gratefully sucked in the comforting, cool smoke into his lungs, relaxing his tense mind. He did not answer for a while. The two men kept walking with the rest of the exhausted soldiers and civilians.

"Never mind it." Beilz didn't want to tell it to Mack. He wanted to keep it to himself. As they headed out of the bombed our town of St. Lo, some families were waving them on. Beilz waved back and smiled, and thought it was depressing of what these poor people have gone through in this war. He saw some French women handing out some beautiful flowers to the troops as they walked by. Beilz gave a glance towards them, and as one woman came closer, he could not believe his eyes. Beilz's heart stopped beating and he dropped the cigarette from his hand.

Walking before him was a woman in a bright red dress; her beautiful white smile and crystal green eyes pierced his soul. The pounding of his heart worsened with every one of her steps closer to him. She approached and stood before him. He just stood there and stared for it seemed forever while a light breeze kicked up and blew the girl's hair gracefully in the wind. She stared for a long time back at him until she reached for his callused hand and set something in his palm. Beilz did not speak a word to her for no words came. The woman leaned over and kissed the side of his rough cheek. She looked back into his eyes.

"Thank you.." She said, and walked past him, smiling. Beilz watched as she eventually disappeared among the crowd of thanking citizens. He did not run after her, for he did not need to. He finally looked down at what was in his hand and he smiled. There was a beautiful white rose and beside it, a familiar silver amulet necklace. He stood there, smiling, when Mack came back to his side.

"You.okay Beilz? You look like you saw a ghost." Mack gave Beilz a pat on the helmet and looked at him with a worried face. Beilz gave him a wide grin.

"I think I did." Beilz grabbed his pack, turned, and walked away.