My grandmother has always been an odd woman. Most grandmothers are friendly old women who spend their time gardening, knitting and backing treats. However, my grandmother leaves her garden to go wild. She buys those convenient meals you find in the freezers at the supermarkets and she spends her time in her room reading books about the supernatural and witchcraft.

A lot of people think she's mad and have nick-named her 'the crazy old witch' but I think she's perfectly sane, just a little strange.

When I was young my parents often brought me to her house to check up on her. I used to love exploring the house, the attic and the shed inthe backyard. There are still many interesting things around the place but one thing that has always intrigued me is a suitcase that's in the shed.

The suitcase is old. I can't tell what colour it was originally because the pattern on the side has faded so much. As a child, I often sneaked out to the shed and touched the suitcase, ran my fingers along the bumpy skin, feeling for its secrets. Yet I always resisted the temptation to prise it open.

Not too long ago, I went to her house she ushered me into her room. She said she had a secret to give me. I didn't know what she meant by this but I went into the dimly lit room. She sat cross-legged ont he carpet wearing her gypsy outfit.

"I know you've been curious about the suitcase in the shed,"she stated.

"How did you know-?" I started to ask but she interrupted.

"I just do. Anyway, the secret I have to give you is in my hand." She opened up her hand to reveal a small key. I took it and went to the shed.

Now I stand overlooking the colourless suitcase. The key in my hand, the lock on the suitcase. I touch the suitcase once again. I have to unlocking the secret. I insert the key into the lock and open the suitcase.


Author's note:

So, what did you think? One of my friends thinks I should've written what in the suitcase but I think it makes an interesting ending. This was an essay I had to write where we were given a paragraph. I'll let you guess which one it was.

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