The old woman stood amongst the crops with the baskets of vegetables that she'd spent the day picking. She was small and skinny but surprisingly strong from working at the farm for so long.

She was tired but satisfied, despite being poor and knowing she'd onlu be coming home to her family in a small village hut. Her clothes were dirty from wiping her hands on them and dull from old age. Her pants were rolled up and she wore a straw hat to keep the sun from her face,

It was a hot day and the sun shone brightly through the fluffy white clouds. The woman breathed inthe slightly humid air and smiled. It wasn't for any reason in particular but she felt relaxed after a hard days work. She was the last of the pickers to be working that day but she heard voices of the other pickers moving off. She turned to face the village and heard the distant sound of children laughing as they played games outside.

It was getting late and the sky started to darken with a mix of a variety of blues. The chirping of the birds could be heard and the occasional bark of the dog.

The woman though of her family. Her son and her daughter at home playing or doing work. Her mother most likely sleeping at the time. She lived a simple lifestyles and she didn't mind one bit.

She stood alone amongst the crops and decided it was time to go home so she picked up her baskets and headed towards the village.


Author's note:

For this essay our teacher asked us to write a descriptive piece (a sort of paint a picture with words deal) based on a picture that she gave us. It was of an old Asian woman who stood amongst crops carrying two baskets on her shoulders.

Please review. I appreciate all feedback.