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Introduction Summary: Four university students, Britney Montgomery, Jesse Lee, Keith Troshe, and Nathaniel Edger, are set together as roommates in campus. These roommates, having almost no interests in common, other than choosing the same university, try to get along as best as possible.

Scene: In Britney's and Jesse's room.

Jesse's journal entry:

When we arrived in our new living environment, it was in horrible shape. The wallpaper had been torn off and the edges of it were sticking our. The whole place needed a painting job. So my roommate Britney obtained permission from the university to redecorate the place while also getting a grade on how well she designed it. She hit two birds with one stone, not bad at all. And she was ecstatic, like it was her dream come true. Little did I know it was going to be my worst nightmare.

Jesse: Is this supposed to be where we live for the next while?

Britney: I guess, but it could sure use a little more spice to it. You know, to brighten things up.

Jesse: Well, I heard that is your assignment, so you can get to work on your project, while I do my homework, agreed?

Britney: Agreed, but at least help me set up the furniture in the right position.

Jesse: Oh, alright.

Britney's book of confidential thoughts:

The furniture we had could have used a little more artistic effort, but nevertheless, it was our temporary furniture. They were the basics: Two beds, a large table, with a few chairs, nothing too fancy. This was going to be a huge assignment and it would strongly affect my grade and perhaps my future career.

Britney: Let's start with our living room, what I like to call the room we present to guests.

Jesse: The sofas are already set in a good position. We need to move that large table though. It's in front of the TV.

Britney: Good idea, where do we move it though?

Jesse: You tell me, you're the designer, aren't you?

Britney: So I am. How about behind the sofas?

Jesse: Alright.

Britney: It looks kind of empty now.

Jesse: I disagree, it looks free and spacious.

Britney: Empty.

Jesse: Spacious.

Britney: Empty.

Jesse: Spacious.

Britney: *in an irritated tone* Empty.

Jesse: Fine, be the pessimistic one. We have nothing to fill it up with anyway due to the lack of furniture.

Britney: I suppose. It'll just be left empty.

Jesse: Spacious.

Britney: Whatever. Now for the bedrooms.

Jesse's journal entry:

So the decorating continues. For Britney, time is passing by so quickly. For me however, I've been looking at my watch every other minute. I'm not even sure she realizes that I'm bored since she has been so excited about this whole redecorating idea. From my point of view, who'd want to think about what colour they want every article in their household would be anyway? I understand how someone would want to put up new wall paper when the current wall paper is falling off, but how detailed can redecorating be?

Britney: Hey Jess, are you listening? What do you think?

Jesse: About what?

Britney: About the beds, should they be parallel to the window or vertical to it?

Jesse: How's about this, I design my own bedroom and you design yours, okay?

Britney: Usually, I'd be fine with that, but this is my assignment. The way you design your room will affect my grade.

Jesse: I'll agree about you designing my room, but I get the final say, understood?

Britney: * Nods* Fair enough.

Jesse: I've helped you move around the furniture, so I'm going to get started on my assignment now.

Britney: Go right ahead. Thanks for helping.

Britney's book of confidential thoughts:

My new roommate Jesse is nice and all, but I don't think she really cares too much about what this place looks like. Oh well, different people come with different interests. Well, I'll change her opinion about the importance of decorating soon enough, as soon as I finish this assignment of mine.

Jesse's journal entry:

At last I can get to work now. The time I have spent to decorate the room has been endless, and what I think is a waste. The chemical formulas I am working with are getting more and more complicated. The way the book phrases the equation is also getting trickier. It's as if the people who created this exercise wanted to confuse us so much that we would make a mistake. They probably want to fill our heads with nothing but chemistry. Enough chat, I have to get to work.

Narrator: Jesse works on her assignment while Britney is doing hers. Both are occupied with their own events. Hours later, Britney is still very much enthusiastic about her project. Jesse is still stressing over chemical equations.

Britney: Yes! I'm done.

Jesse: *looks up from work* Done? Already?

Britney: Well, not exactly. I was only done re arranging the bedrooms.

Jesse: *Pretends to fall off her chair* How long does it take to arrange beds in bedrooms?

Britney: Apparently, a lot of time. Now for the colour of the wallpaper.

Jesse: What did you have in mind?

Britney: Light green. I heard that green is the colour makes people calmer.

Jesse: I don't know, it makes me a little sick.

Britney: I'm pretty sure it's calm.

Jesse: Sick.

Britney: Here we go again. What does it matter, I like this green and I intend to put it up. Any objections?

Jesse: Yes your honour. The jury claims is not a suitable colour for habitable means

Britney: (playing along) The jury is overruled.

Jesse: *Groans*

Britney: Listen, I have to go out and meet a friend of mine. I'll get going soon.

Jesse: That's fine with me. *She continues to work*

Jesse's journal entry:

Now, at least I can get to work, in peace and quiet. It's great to be alone. I get so much more done that way. Too bad about the colour of the room maybe I can convince Britney not to use that colour.

Britney: Does this go with my outfit? *She holds up a pink dress*

Jesse: *Looks up from work* (Confused) Umm.

Britney: Or how about this blue dress?


Britney: You're right, blue's better.


Britney: *Gets ready and heads out the door*

Jesse: Finally, I can get some work -

Britney: *Opens door* I forgot my jacket. *She gets her jacket and goes. *

Jesse's journal entry:

Like I was saying, I can get my work done now. Let's see here, where am I?

*Phone rings*

Jesse: Hello?

Britney: It's me, Britney. I just wanted to try the phone, you know, just in case anything urgent comes up.

Jesse: Okay then, bye.

Britney: Bye.

Jesse: *Annoyed* (She continues to work)

Britney: You know my cell, don't you?

Jesse: Uh, no I don't.

Britney: *Opens the door* Here, I'll give you the number. You never know if you'll need to call me.

Jesse: *Takes down the number* If you could please give me some time to work, that would be great.

Britney: Oh, I'm so sorry. I totally forgot. You see, I had a friend do that to me before too. Boy was she annoying. I don't see her anymore. I think her name was-

Jesse: Britney.

Britney: Right, no interruptions, no phone calls. Bye. *She looks at her watch. * Oh my gosh, I'll be late!

Jesse: Bye. *She unplugs the phone*

Jesse's journal entry:

I never thought I would say this, but I'm actually happy to be able to work. Ever since I got here, I've encountered interruptions left and right. But now, I won't have anymore phone calls. I can almost guarantee it.

Narrator: Jesse works happily in peace and quiet.

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