Let's see how Nathan and Keith get along. (In Nathan's point of view.) (R&R plz)

Nathaniel Edger's logbook:

I arrived to my new campus home to discover I that I was late and the door was open, so I went in. There I saw the back of a six-foot tall guy who worked out intensely. I remember everything oh so well.

Nathan: Hi,

Six foot tall guy: *startled* H-hi, I didn't think there was anyone behind me. Are you my new roommate?

Nathan: Yep, 'names Nathan.

Six foot tall guy: Nice to meet you, I'm Keith. What courses are you taking here?

Nathan: Physics and math, you?

Keith (was the six-foot tall guy): I'm taking math as well, and also a training course, but I work part time at the gym.

Nathan: I'm still looking for a stable job. Well I have work to do. See you later.

Keith: I'm going to go out, so you'll have piece and quiet.

Nathan: Okay, bye.

Keith: *leaves*

Keith seemed to be a nice guy, at least for his first impression. I couldn't believe how much work I had to do. I had just settled in and I had tons of work. I needed to do a report related to physics. So far, I had come up with no ideas, none at all and it was due in a month. Right now it seems like a lot of time, but after all that informative research, I would have who knows? A week? Not to mention all the other homework I might have coming up.

Narrator: If you pay me, you can stop writing what you think and I can do it for you.

Nathan: Where'd you come from?

Narrator: Your door was left open. And I could here you talking to yourself, which in anyone's opinion, could become a psychological problem.

Nathan: Uh, yea. I'm kind of busy and I could use some help. How much do you charge?

Narrator: *whispers amount in Nathan's ear*

Nathan: That's highway robbery!

Narrator: Take it or leave it. You have work to do and so do I.

Nathan: *hands him money*

Narrator: Now we're talking. *In monotone* Nathan keeps on thinking about what to do. He decides to do his math first while also thinking about his report. Finally-

Nathan: Look, I paid good money so you'd better do a good job.

Narrator: What's wrong with what I do right now?

Nathan: Your boring voice is going to put everyone to sleep.

Narrator: That's because the stuff you do is boring.

Nathan: *Glares* Excuse me, but the customer is always right. Do you want the money or not?

Narrator: Alright, I'll be more expressive. Anyway as I was saying, Nathan decided to do his math while also thinking about what to do for his report. He was hoping that an idea would come to his mind. About halfway through his math work, he thought of an idea. "Eureka! He-

Nathan: Wait.

Narrator: Now what?

Nathan: I can say that.

Narrator: You sure are a picky customer aren't you?

Nathan: *ignores what the narrator just said* Eureka! I've got it!

Narrator: Why'd you repeat "I've got it in two different languages?

Nathan: *sarcastically* Is it illegal?

Narrator: *becoming very annoyed*

Nathan: As I just said, I have an idea!

Narrator: It came to Nathan like a flash of light and immediately, he wrote his idea on a piece of paper, afraid that he would forget it. After that, Nathan was in a much better mood and finished his math homework.

Nathan: This calls for a celebration.

Narrator: Nathan heads out the door, and yes, he closes and locks it.

Nathan: For your information, I didn't leave the door open. Keith did.

Narrator: Keith eh, maybe, I could charge him as well.

Nathan: Now back on topic.

Narrator: Right, Nathan doesn't know what to do, but he knows what he doesn't want to do, any more science homework. Nathan then comes up with an idea.

Nathan: I know, I'll visit Britney. It's been a long time since I've seen her. Darn, I lost her phone number. Well, I know where she lives on these grounds. I'll just go visit her.

Narrator: A curious question for you, are you talking to yourself, or are you talking to me, the narrator?

Nathan: Either way sounds bad, so I won't answer. *He continues to walk*

Narrator: After a long walk, he finally reaches Britney's room and he knocks on the door, only to find a book smart girl with glasses.

Nathan: Uh, hi, is Britney there?

Book smart girl: She left about two hours ago. What's your name? I can tell you that you came by.

Nathan: I'm Nathan.

Book smart girl: I've heard all about you from Britney. I'm Jesse, come in and wait if you want. Britney could be back very soon.

Nathan: *comes in*

Jesse: Who's that person behind you?

Nathan: That's my narrator.

Jesse: I knew I recognized you somewhere.

Narrator: Hi.

Nathan: What are you talking about?

Jesse: He's my narrator too. Want something to drink?

Nathan: No thanks, did I take you from anything?

Jesse: Actually, I was working on chemistry.

Narrator: Ooh, you mean you two-

Jesse: *snapping back* Don't get any ideas.

Nathan: *Looks at her work. * You know, I could help you with some of it.

Jesse: You could? Oh that would be nice. This homework of mine has been dragging on for hours.

Narrator: So Jesse and Nathan worked on the homework and soon, Jesse had completed her assignment. *Whispers* Nathan must have liked Jesse, because he said he didn't want to do anymore science.

Nathan: I heard that.

Narrator: Anyhow, Jesse and Nathan got the work done in no time.

Jesse: You sure are a whiz at this.

Nathan: Well-

Jesse: Let's go out for sodas, my treat.

*****Scene ends*****

I know, it seems like a soap opera. Confused on where this is getting at. Don't strain, chap 3 is coming ASAP=) Tell me what you think so far.