I am empty, I am lost

And ever so confused

All because my feelings

Were painfully abused

I have plunged into darkness

An eternal black hole

I can't escape the emptiness

That ravages my soul

I have lost all emotion

There's no love, there's no hate

And there's no more experiencing

The pain they create

I do not know hope

Fear I do not dread

For there are no feelings

Concealed within my head

My eyes just stare blankly

Devoid of worries and cares

Blinking pointlessly at images

That aren't really there

There is life, there is death

But no feelings they stir

Life simply passes by

In a colourless blur

Reality is dead

And dreams don't exist

I live in a world

Enveloped by mist

It's all pointless, all worthless

Everything just flies by

And I cannot feel

No matter how hard I try

I'm supposedly living

Since I'm still drawing breath

But slowly my heart

Is being choked by death

Because feeling is precious

Defining life and its memories

And when one stops feeling

Life and its memories cease

I guess I am only an automaton

Who breathes, eats and sleeps

But who can't express the pain

When my heart mournfully weeps

Now I look through the mirror

But am unaware

Of the tear that falls

For the life that used to be there

AUTHOR'S NOTE: I've often wondered how life would be if you couldn't feel and this is basically a condensed version of that thought. I'm not really in a creative mood and I'm not feeling depressed but I got inspired by a song so I wrote this down. Hope you liked. Please review. Greatly appreciated :)