Drop Out

I'll never forget ,
Those moments with you ,
Scarly a month or two ,
We were friends .

Then we parted ,
You quit school ,
Leaving me ,
With the people I hate .

Those senseless jokes ,
Nothing more ,
Other than maybe fond memories ,
But why did you have to leave ?

My friends miss you ,
And your good-hearted will ,
That badboy attitude ,
And your spirit .

You're only sixteen ,
Yet you gave up ,
When you should of not ,
This was home to you .

Or was it not ,
Was I not a good friend ,
Because I se no other reason ,
You would of quit .

You were in three of my classes ,
And we used to talk ,
I haven't seen you since ,
And I'm starting to forget you .

When I don't want to ,
But please come back soon ,
Because I miss you ,
My friend .