It was a bitter cold december day, and one hour into my winter break. I was shivering, although bunddled up quite nicely in my long wool jacket, and scarf. I cursed myself for not bringing a hat with me, but at least now I knew better for the next time. I was heading out from school. As I said, it was an hour into my break, I had stayed after in the school library looking for a book on my project. After about fourty minutes of having no luck, I just gave up. I was now heading to the public library, it was about a ten to fifteen minute walk from the school, so I decided why bothering phoning home for a ride. I regreted it as now I was freezing. At least it hadn't started snowing, I was thankful for that.

I know I should have chosen a more widly known subject for my report, but with me, I could never do anything unless I put 200% worth of effort into it. Lesser known subject; More Work; More Effort; Result? Satisfaction in knowing that I was somewhat more intelligent and cultured then the rest of the human race. Yeah, I get my kicks from that thank you very much.

I Find comfort in knowledge, and books are pretty much my only friends. Most would look at this as being sad, but I don't let it get to me. I don't consider it a waste of time, sitting locked up in my room or in a library for three to four hours hunched up over my latest research project. I rarely did things for school though, most of my research and reading, and things of the sort were for my own enjoyment. I think I could get high off of taking in mass amounts of knowledge, and yes, in the literal sense. I've always been that way.

As a child I did nothing but ask why. Why this? Why that? I asked whats and wheres to my whys, and in any combination imaginable. I was a little spunge, always soaking up knowledge wherever I went. I guess you could say that makes me smart. But don't count your luck on it, I haven't a shred of common sense, really I don't. I also have a lack of social life, and you'd be suprised at how many people shun me and talk behind my back because of it. I guess that's the price you pay for being the local 'Nerd' as they say. I prefer the term dork above all actually.

Nerds are...well think of a Nerd. You have the mental picture? Scrawny white boy with ever messy hair, thick glasses, does everyone's homework, earning exceptionally high marks in all academic courses but failing physical education for the sole fact that he is the world's largest Klutz. That's pretty much what I would classify a nerd as, maybe shying away from the whole appearance thing.

Then you have a geek, which I am most certainly NOT. Geeks are those computer people, the ones who spend hours locked up in there rooms hacking away, the ones who can build a cpu in a half hour and who can create a virus, using it to threaten half the student body. Well maybe not that far. You get what I'm saying though.

Dorks, on the other hand, are more down to earth. We don't nesicarily recieve the highest marks in school, but some do, me for example. We're more of Idealists than realists although we can be quite cynical at times. We have a wide range of interests, anything really is considered a 'Dorky' subject as long as it isn't mindless and mainstream. Just as long as you devote hours of your time to study it. We read a lot, as well as write, and also have other talents. Some, although myself exluded, are quite creative and are classified as Artistic Dorks, ones who draw, or maybe act. Then you have the ever popular Tolkien Dork, or Dungeons and Dragons Dork. Yet again, I am neither of these, although I have known a few who were quite obsessive on the subject. In any event, the major difference that seperates Dorks from the other two, is that we have a certain level of eccentricity to us.

Yes I have taken my time to work this out, do a few character studies on certain members of the student body, and family members, including myself. Now I have the whole classification system of it down, earning me a platinum trophy in 'Dorkdom.'

But yes, I am getting off subject.

By the time I had arrived at the library, it had started snowing, I was thankful to be able to rush inside. The library was warm, and smelled of books. Yes, I know, that does sound a bit odd I can imagine, but the smell of books, new and old mingled together is really a nice, relaxing, and yet a the same time quite tantilizing scent. Or I could just be a fifteen year old nut-case.

In any event, I was quite welcomed to be there. I walked over to the two persons sitting at the main desk, offering them a polite 'Good afternoon' they both smiled and replied to me, knowing who I was. The one man was quite attractive, and I wondered sometimes if I could ever work up the guts to ask him out. Yet knowing that he was about five or six years older than me, and that I had no courage inside me what so ever, I normally dismissed the thought imediatly.

I headed into the historical section on the second floor, knowing full well, exactly where to locate the book of my choice. Asuming that they carried one of course. I supose I should tell you now what my report was on.

First off, it was an english project really that was due the end of January. I figured I should get a head start as always and complete it over break. Our requirments were simply this: At least 2000 words in total, typed; Bibliography (at least have the use of ONE book); Table of Contents; Numbered pages; index (if needed); Outline; And on any certain subject, as long as it was more specific then general. For example, you couldn't do the History of the Romans, but you could very well do The way of life of the Roman people before the death of christ. At least that's the example Mr. Pitch gave us.

I was doing something fairly unique though, at least I thought so. My subject was to be on The Mystery of Rennes-le-Chateau. If you don't know what that is, it's quite all right, most people don't. Basically, it's a French Chateau, that is rumoured to have numerous varieties of treasures hidden, inlcuding The Holy Grail...though it depends on what you look at, no one really knows what's hidden, although there are suspicions. There is even a theory, or was rather that the Chateau was a gateway to other realms, or another world, through the Emerald Tablet's of Thoth. I almost did my report on that actually, but realised there was way too much information to pile in.

The only thing I didn't like about my Library, is that it was quite small (a two storry farm house) and had more of a selection of Fiction then it did of Non Fiction. I got quite ticked off evertime I went by a section that had a wall just filled with thouse mindless teen novels about baby sitters or what not, that space could be used for much more important reading materials.

When I reached the section I figured would have the book, I noticed a boy standing in the Isle, scanning the shelves. I stopped suddenly, he looked slightly familiar, I knew that I had seen him at school. He gasped when he saw me, startled it seemed that someone was near him. I couldn't believe why I hadn't taken a greater notice to him before, he was simply beautiful, messy blond hair, clear blue eyes, and thin thick rimmed glasses that made him look adorable. I colored slightly when he caught me staring at him, then he smiled sort of nervously. I nodded at him, and he nodded back. After that breif exchange of gestures we turned away from each other, and I started to scan the shelves as well.

A light went off as I saw the title of something that could prove to be most useful, it was Secrets of Rennes Le Chateau. I beamed, and went to reach for it, but instead of coming in contact with a book, a felt a warm, soft hand. I pulled my own hand away, startled almost, and looked over to the Boy who was blushing slightly. He had reached for the same book.

"N-no, go ahead, you take it." He smiled and spoke softly. He had a wonderful smile. I scolded myself before I started to stare again.

"No that's all right. You can have it." I smiled back, I was always quite curtious.

"Well, what do you need it for? Is it important?" He was eager to take me up on my offer, but obviously didn't want to get in the way of something.

"For a school report, but I can find another book really." I readjusted the strap that hung over my shoulder. "Just curious, why do need it?" It wasn't often you came across someone in this town who would read a book like that, even for a project.

"A Report as well." He smiled. "Actually It's on Le Serpent Rouge, but I figured I could find some information in that book."

"Oh," I grinned. "I've heard of that, they found the original in Le Chataeu, right?" Someone who actually knew something. I was thrilled.

"Well, not exactly. It was only a copy, but they asume that the copy is closest to the original. They also think it's linked to the treasures inside the Chateau..." He blushed and looked down. "I don't mean to get into it, sorry."

"No that's okay!" I was practically beaming by now. "It's interesting...and nice to know that someone knows what there talking about."

"Oh." He looked embarrassed, it was adorable. "Well, I read a lot..." He reached up and grabbed the book this time, holding it he ran a finger down the spine. "Here..." He handed me the book. "I can do my research on the internet, it's okay."

"You can do an entire report using the Interenet? I mean, don't you need at least one book in your bibliography?" I was trying to keep this conversation going for as long as a possible could.

"Well yeah, but, I'll just say I used that book, it's okay." He looked thoughtful for a moment. "Here, actually..." He pulled something out from his bag. "Take this." He handed me a book.

"What?" I looked down at it, it was about the Mysteries of the Holy Grail inside Rennes le Chateau. "...Why?"

"Have it." He smiled. "I've had it for ages, already read it. There was really nothing on Le Serpent Rouge, I figured it could maybe be of more use to you."

"I..." I wasn't quite sure what to say. I had never met anyone as nice as to give me a book, when I don't even know there name at that. "I can't take this, it's yours." I handed the book back over to him and he shook his head in return.

"I'm not offering it, I'm giving it to you." He smiled. "Just take it."

"Thank you." I lowered my voice in more drastically, and pulled the two book close to my side.

"What exactly is you're report on?" He asked.

"Just the mysteries of Le Chateau, it's for an english project." I smiled, still I felt guilty about taking both of the books from him. Although he did give them to me.

"Mr. Pitch?" He cocked his head slighty. I nodded. "I thought that I've seen you around school."

"Yeah...what's your name, by the way?" I fidgited slightly. My crush on this boy was already begining to make it's self evident.

"Sasha." He smiled. "You're....You're Aubrey, right?"

"Yeah." No one ever knew my name. I was so pleased he remembered it, although how he even knew it was beyond me. "Sasha...that's a pretty name." I blushed after I said that, I don't know what compelled me to turn my thoughts into speach.

"Th-thanks." He blushed lightly and reached up to adjust his glasses.

"Here." I took out the book on the Secrets of Le Chateau. "Why don't we share this then? I'm sure it will be useful for the both of us. I really could use it, but I feel like I'd be robbing you of it."

"You don't let things die do you?" He giggled softly and I think I swooned. He was just beatiful, the sound of his voice brought me euphoric even.

"I'm stubborn." I smirked.

"Sure then, if you don't mind, I have a few hours that I could spend here, we could take notes now, and then one of us could take the book home." He seemed almost nervous in asking. I noticed his hands went to his glasses again.

"Not at all." With that we wandered over to the nearest table.

As he was reading, I couldn't keep my eyes off of him, the way he'd brush a stray peice of hair away if it fell into his eyes, or how he'd lick his lips. The curious expression that was always evident when he was reading something unfamiliar. The way he would rub his thumb over the side of his middle finger when he was concentrating. I noticed all these little things and was entranced by them. I couldn't stay focused on my notes, they seemed two millenia away at this point.

"Can I see what you have?" His voice snapped me out of my daydreaming and I was unsure of what he asked. He grabbed for my notes. "Rennes Le Chateau is located in...pretty blue eyes?" He looked over at me and raised an eyebrow.

"Uhh..." My voice caught in my throat. Oh God, I thought. I was so embarassed, I flushed, I know I did, I felt like my face was burning, I quickly snatched my paper away from him. "..I...I uh."

"Can't stay focused?" He smiled shyly, seemingly unsure of what to think.

"Uhm, no." I looked down. "Hey uhm, I'm kind of hungry. I think I should go." I gathered my things, and stuffed them in my bag. -------- Oi. I wrote this earlier in the Library of my school durring study hall cause I was bored. I'm in the Library again and since I finished my French thingy earlier...(I'm good at researching yo!) I decided to finish it up and post it. Uhmmm. Yeah...I don't know if I'll finish this considering that I have a bunch of stories if you want me to work on it...just review please...even flames are welcomed.