The stars are bright tonight ,
Like a never ending web ,
It's a spell of utter delight ,
That's cast it's self tonight .

I'm alone in this wood ,
Of fears ,
Only your love to guide ,
Me through the night .

Your shinning from inside ,
As I race to catch up with you ,
But I never do ,
Through I race the night away .

Now it's morning ,
And I still can see you ,
This web of deciet ,
I can never catch up with .

Through I can try ,
Till the end of my days ,
Till I reach the edge ,
And try to stop .

But I can't ,
And I fall ,
Into the pit ,
That never ends .

I scream ,
And your there ,
You lift me ,
As through a prayer .

I cling to you ,
And your sweaty hands ,
The web had tumbled throughout the years ,
And is in disrepair .

But the sight lifts my spirits high ,
For the spell is over tonight ,
I'm young again ,
And I have you right by my side .

Never leave ,
As I rule as queen ,
Of a land ,
In which fairytales are made of .

But all good things must come to an end ,
Now I die ,
With you by my side ,
By pendragon's sword .

The land will rule ,
Through blood will be shed ,
But not your own ,
I give all I have left to give .

My blessing in the night ,
To my husband dear ,
And I depart ,
Once more into the night .