The Lost Account
Tormenting my everlasting thought
I've forsaken all that i sought
this battle is over i have fought
and my choice lies in the grave
i tried so hard I can not be saved
The light of day i'll never see
secrets burned inside of me
take this pain and take my life
Rid me from this endless strife
Pouring out my deepest words
With all my strength I try but I am not heards
I have finished in this place
Please just let me rest in my grave
Fears crawling over me, trying to get inside of me
I open my eyes I choose not to see
I could end it now if i only knew how
I never thought I'd make it this far
Save yourself while you can
I have walked my path and I ran
I can't run anymore
This is my life shattered yet unbroken
I'm gone now. I have spoken.