Little Games- Chapter 4

We drove to the nearest convenience store with my mom screaming and crying the whole way. I was too shocked to even speak or move. Everything was so surreal. We used the pay phone on the corner to call the police. We told them what had happened and they came to get us. Driving to the police station in a squad car during the middle of the night was not my idea of fun. The next few hours we were questioned over and over again about what had happened, every detail, had we noticed signs earlier showing the chance of my stepdad losing his fucking mind, etc. I felt like I had been on trial for murder, the way they antagonized me throughout that night.
During the entire interview, my mom kept asking "Is he alright? Please don't hurt him. He's just drunk. He has depression. He didn't mean to." The more my mom made excuses for he did, the more the cops wanted to lock him up. They thought that he had abused us for so long , that we were brainwashed. The truth was, this was only the beginning.
We recieved a restraining order against my stepdad and he had to do weekend jail for three months. Despite the police's warnings, mom kept sneaking him home. I hated it. I hated her for letting him come home and I hated him for pretending he had done nothing wrong. I went to sleep every night having nightmares that I would wake up without a mom, or not wake up at all.
School just got worse. I couldn't keep my mind on my work and I had trouble just staying awake. I was worried that he would be there when I got home, how would I hide from him until mom got off work, whether or not mom and I would have to leave him at home, drunk again. I hated runnning away. Leaving for a couple hours was not going to solve our problems and it wasn't going to help him.
One day I asked my teacher if I could go to the washroom. I remember looking at myself in the mirror. For an eight-year-old, I had looked like hell. Gone were my sparkling brown eyes and light caramel skin, along with my bouncy dark locks. I had become really pale, my skin almost translucent with dark purple rings around my eyes. I hadn't had time to shower since my stepdad loved to drink in the can so I looked like a greaseball too, with chubby cheeks and a round chin.
Just seeing at how I changed, made me burst into tears. I hated what I had become. What had I been thinking? I had become nothing but a blubbering fat retard and I had no one to blame but myself. I sat on the corner of the bathroom floor crying my eyes out when a little blonde girl walked in. I recognized her, she was in my class. Her name was Jocie and she was going to become my best friend.