This is Kirei Bio

Name: Kirei Yume Meaning: Beautiful Dream Age: 15 Birthday: August 4, Sign: Leo Zodiac: Rabbit Favorite Food: Beef/Chicken fried rice Favorite Snack: Chocolate Favorite Color {s}: green 1, pink 2, silver 3, midnight blue 4, purple 5, and gold 6. Combined Colors: 1,2; 3, 4; 4,5; 3, 6

Background Info: Moved to Tokyo from an orphanage. Has an unknown pass. She is strange in the fact that she knows a substantial amount of martial arts to have grown up as an orphan.

Unknown Fact: someone unknown is hunting her down. She has telepathy.

Authors Notes: I based most of Kirei off of my self except some major details of course. I don't live in Japan. I don't have a hidden past. I am not an orphan. I just based her personality off of myself. I hope you like it.