Kirei Yume By: Kirei Yume

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"___" talking '____' thinking *___ * mind-talking

~~1:00 a.m.*DREAM*~~

Kirei looked around her. She was in a forest she was sure she had never been in. Her bright green eyes searched for and sign of civilization, but found nothing but darkness. 'Stay calm' she thought to herself. " anyone out there" she called. There was a rustling in one of the bushes near Kirei. She kinda knew what was in there was not nice, how she knew she didn't know but began to back away from the bush slowly then it appeared. Out of the bush leaped a giant beast. It looked like a lion without its mane but had teeth like a saber-toothed tiger, and claws that were long and deathly sharp. Kirei turned and took off with all of her might. Being athletic, young and flexible she was able to dodge trees and low hanging branches without thinking. She turned to see how big of a lead she had on the beast, but that was a bad idea. Kirei tripped over a fallen log on her stomach. She rolled over to see the beast about to pounce on her. Kirei closed her eyes and prepared for what was to come next...but nothing happened. She opened her eyes to see a dashing young man about 16 a year older then her. He was dressed in a Chinese battle costume. It was made up of: a black Chinese high neck shirt, black loose pants, and black fighting slippers. {A. N. // THINK OF LI/SYAORAN FORM CARDCAPTOR SAKURA HIS OUTFIT WITH DIFFERENT SHIRT} The lion stumbled back in pain from the cut on its back caused by the young man's long delicate sword. The young hero chanted a spell and pointed his sward at the beast as silver and gold band of light launched its self at the creature who then turned to dusk. The young man turned around and helped Kirei up, she finally got a chance to see his face, but she was out of luck. He had a black ninja hood, and amazing midnight blue eyes one of Kirei's favorite colors. She opened her mouth to speak but he stopped her. "No questions now princess wait until next time we meet and I assure you we shall meet again, but not in a dream" he said. His voice was very kind, gentle and reassuring. All Kirei did was nod her head. He them snapped his fingers a single pure white feather appeared in his hand. He then placed a gentle kiss on the back of her hand away a few steps and did a no-hander backwards flip and disappeared leaving the feather to gently fall into Kirei's open hands.


Kirei sat up with a start. She looked at the clock and saw it was 6:30 she quickly shut off the alarm and got up and stretched in her mirror that's when she found the white feather in her hand she looked at it and remembered the young man in her dream she lay it on her desk for later examination, then she went to take a shower and get ready for her first day of high school in this new place.

Kirei was originally from the poorer part of Japan it an old orphanage where she had been in sense she could remember. She was the smartest and oldest child there. At the age of 8 so she went and got a job at the local food mart. Her job was to unload all of the new shipments and stock them in the supply room and in the storefront. She also had a job at the fish market across the street from the orphanage. She was to clean all of the tanks that they kept the fish in also to clean the storefront at the end of the workday. Kirei did each of the jobs one after another, and seeing she woke up at 4:00 in the morning and done at around 4:00 in the afternoon. Then she had her classes from 4:00 until 6:00 afterward she would go eat dinner and take a nap.

Then afterward she all the children from the ages 4 to 15 were to have martial arts and a number of different sports sense she was the only person in the orphanage for so long she started a year earlier. Kirei never wasted the money she got from her jobs and because she was so like all around her neighborhood everyone always helped her in anyway they could. So when she turned 15 and had to leave the orphanage everyone pitched in and helped her move to Tokyo, Japan where she would attend the local high school. With the money her friends gave her and the money she had saved sense she was working also she rented an apartment which one of her friends owned. The friend gave her an apartment where ever Kirei wanted, she asked for the one on the top floor which they gave her asking her for nothing else in return only that she stayed out of trouble

Kirei steeped out of her bathroom, and went over to her full- length mirror. She was wearing her new school uniform. It was a simple royal blue dress with a sailor's collar that was white and had three matching blue lines on it. {A.N.// THINK OF SAILOR MOONS COLLAR} She then went to sit at her bating to do her hair. Her hair was a light brown color that made her eyes stand out even more. At the orphanage she had been discouraged to grow her hair so long but for some unknown reason she felt she wouldn't feel right if it was short so she kept it long. While she was a the orphanage she kept it as long as it could without touching the ground, but when she moved she cut it so it would go only a little past her knees. Today she decided to put it in a really twisted ponytail that would make it look like it came to her midback. She looked in her mirror once more before she went to the kitchen she grabbed a breakfast pastry she had made the night before, put on a pair of white tennis shoes, and rushed out the door after grabbing her white book bag.

Kirei walked down the street. The school wasn't that far from her home so she could walk. Her mind began to wonder back to her dream and to the young man who said that they would meet again. She remembered him perfectly. The thing that stood out most was his midnight blue eyes. The color was one of her favorites. She couldn't wait to see him again for some odd reason, but she would have too. "Hello... heelllooo" said a voice next to Kirei. "EEEEEEEEEEK" Kirei squeaked. {A.N.// I DO IT ALL THE TIME hehehe} "Sorry I didn't mean to scare you, but I couldn't help seeing that you are wearing the Star Shine high uniform, but I haven't seen you around here before", said a girl next to Kirei wearing the uniform. "Well the thing is I just moved here over the weekend" said Kirei. "Really...well I'm Gin but you can call me Silvery that's the meaning of my name" said Silvery. "Hi my name is Kirei Yume, but you can call me Kirei. It means beautiful but I am far from it" said Kirei shyly. "Well I would say that", said a young man passing by them not looking back at them. Kirei thought she had heard his voice before but shrugged it off. "So who was that he has our uniform too?" asked Kirei looking at the boy's black pants and royal blue high neck top. "Well that's the hottest guy in school his name is Kazuo" said Silvery. "Hmm... I wish I could have seen the face of the 'Man of Peace'" said Kirei. "So you wanna tell me about your self" asked Silvery. "I'm in my first year of high school..." Kirei started. "Really me too" said Silvery then gestured for her to keep going. "I'm 15, I grew up in an orphanage until about four days ago, I didn't get a family so one of the people I helped outside of the orphanage own an apartment building and gave me a house to live in, so I live alone, I know martial arts, and you are the first person I have met in this area", Kirei finished. "Oh I'm glad I met you first" said Silvery. "Me too" Kirei smiled. "Well come on we don't wanna be late" said Silvery taking off running to the school. "Yeah wait for me" yelled Kirei as she sprinted to the other girl. ' Wow the princess has been doing better then we thought wait to the others see her' thought. "Okay come on I'll take you to see the counselor and get your schedule", said Silvery. "Ok" said Kirei smiling brightly. 'Even in another life she still has her bright beautiful smile, I sure hope nothing changed'. "Ok this way", said Silvery said leading Kirei into the school.

Kirei found out she was in the same classes as Silvery, who was also her tour guide for her classes. Kirei walked to her first class with the note from the consular. She knocked on the door. "Hmm... I'm Kirei Yume a new student I have a note from the front office. She took the note and read it. "Ok, Ms. Yume I am Mrs. Mizu. I'll quiet the class and then announce you, then you can come in and say a few things about yourself, ok," she said. Kirei nodded nervously. Mrs. Mizu disappeared again. Soon the class quieted and Kirei heard her name called. She walked in. "Hey Kirei," yelled Silvery from the second to the back row. Kirei smiled at her. Then she began to here mummers "Her name really fits her," said a few guys. Kirei blushed a bit. "Hello I'm Kirei Yume I'm 15 this is my first time living in Tokyo I lived in an orphanage all of my life until four days ago now I live in an apartment. Umm I like to practice karate and sparing along with drawing and cheerleading," she said. "Thank you Ms. Yume, this note says that Ms. Yama will be your guide, so you will sit next to her and in front of Mr. Kahn," she said. Kirei saw Silvery and then diagonally form her was a guy who's head at the time hidden behind a book. Kirei went and took her seat next to Silvery who showed her where they were. She then settled down and began to take notes on what the teacher was saying like the other students. Then she heard a voice. "Nice to see you again Beautiful," it said. Kirei nodded she knew it was Kazuo. 'I know I heard that voice before today. Classes continued and Kirei found out that not only was Silvery in all of her classes, but also Kazuo and he didn't sit too far from her but always behind her.

In the second to last period of the day was Science. There they were starting a project in groups. It took almost the whole class period for the teacher to explain the project, which was only to observe each other's dreams and try and interpret them. Then she finally got to name the pairs. Many of the girls drooled at the thought of being Kazuo's partner and for some very deep reason so did Kirei. Everyone's name was called then it got to Kirei. "Ms. Yume you will be with Mr. Kahn," said the teacher. Kirei nodded and took her seat next to Kazuo. "Ok you may now start," said the teacher. "So have you dreamed about lately?" asked Kazuo "Well, last night had a dream that I was being chased by some kind of beast, then I tripped and fell then some strong magical guy came and saved me before calling me a princess telling me he'd see again, and leaving me with a single white feather which I still had this morning," she said. Kazuo looked shocked. 'She wasn't suppose to remember,' thought Kazuo. "What?" asked Kirei looking at him worried. "Nothing that is just a very deep dream and to actually find the feather must mean that something about that guy is really magical," he said. Kirei was shocked this time. "What?" asked Kazuo. Kirei blushed a bit. "Its just I didn't think anyone would believe me," she said. "Well, I do," he said. Class was almost over now. "So where should we meet?" asked Kirei. "Well, sense we both live alone I guess we could start by going to my house then to yours and switch up," said Kazuo. "Ok," said Kirei wanting to know why he lived alone. "Today I have to coach the first karate practice today," said Kazuo. "Really I know some karate too.," said Kirei. "Hmm so I'll see even more of you if you pass," he said. Kirei smiled and nodded. Kazuo melted a bit, but smiled back. Then the bell rang. "C'mon lets go get Silvery and go to gym," said Kirei. Kazuo smiled at her. 'She is so sweet and I must keep her safe until we all learn of our full pass,' he thought. As he walked next to Kirei as she told Silvery of their plans. Kirei missed the look between Silvery and Kazuo.

'She still remembers the dream,' said Kazuo threw mind talking to Silvery while they were walking down the hall at a pretty slow pace. 'WHAT,' yelled Silvery. Kazuo winced back. "Are you ok,?" asked Kirei placing her hand on his shoulder. "Umm...yea I just got a sharp pain in my head," he said blushing. "It looks like you have a fever too," she said bringing her hand from his shoulder to his forehead. "You seem ok," said Kirei. "Yea I'm fine," he said in a hurry. "DING DING DING DING," the warning bell rang. "Oh no we only have two minutes to get to the gym and it usually takes at lease the whole five minutes passing time," said Silvery breaking off into a run. Kirei and Kazuo blushed before taking off after. Soon both they were all neck and neck and neck and neck. They all glanced at each other before running faster as if it was a race. The students and teachers couldn't even see who it was to stop them. Kirei and Kazuo slowly pulled in front of Silvery who was now growing tired. The gym doors came into view. They all sprinted faster. And just as the bell rang they all made it into the gym skidding to a stop. When they all looked up the whole class was looking at them. "Who won," asked a girl with light blue eyes and light blue hair. "I fell behind so I don't know who won between them," said Silvery panting. The group looked to Kirei and Kazuo. At the same time Kirei and Kazuo pointed to each other. The whole class was shocked. Kazuo was the fastest person in the school and here he is telling he had a tie with the new girl. Kirei went to the gym coach. "Hello I Kirei Yume the new student," said Kirei. "Ok Ms. Yume this note says Ms. Yama and your guide for the next few days so I'll let her fill you in," he said. "Oh by the way class we are starting Karate today and Mr. Kahn will pick out people who he thinks will be able to be on the new Karate squad for the new season of competitions," he said "So form a line and come to my office on at a time," he said. The class followed.

Silvery, Kirei, the blue haired girl and a pink haired girl, which looked exactly, like the blue haired girl except for their hair and eyes. "Kirei I would like you to meet two of my friends these are the twins Mizuiro and Momoiro. "Hi," they chimed. "Hello, I'm Kirei," Kirei said. "So you and Kazuo had a race?" asked Mizuiro. "Well, no it started as a race to class before the bell rang, but it became a race after that he sure is fast," said Kirei. They were all surprised. "So are there any rules I have to know about this karate class?" asked Kirei. "Yea, one is you fight to the best of your ability. Two is that you never stop trying. Three is that you never wear any jewelry above your uniform. And four is that you are only allowed to wear your hair in a normal ponytail or straight down," said Silvery. "Thanks, well its my turn," said Kirei as she went into the coach's office.

~~~Silvery, Momoiro, and Mizuiro POV~~~

"She hasn't changed much has she?" asked Momoiro. "No not much she is still the same princess as far as Kazuo and I can tell, but she has been attacked already in her dreams, but Kazuo saved her and left her a clue, but the thing is that she remembered the dream which means she is different is some ways," said Silvery in a serious tone. "Yea like for instance I don't remember her having such short hair or being so fast, or like cheerleading or fighting let alone sword sparing," said Mizuiro. The others nodded.

~~~Back with Kirei~~~

Kirei walked in to the office. "Hello Ms. Yume," said the coach first I have two questions for you before you go. Kirei nodded. "Ok If any how many years have you trained in any type of fighting and what kinds. "Ok I have trained in karate, track, sword sparring, gymnastics/cheerleading sense I was 3 when I was in the orphanage," she said. The coach looked shocked, but nodded. "Ok the next thing is what size do you wear and what kind and color training clothes do you want, oh and right now everyone gets a clear belt to show that they are not yet picked," he said. "I would like the color green of my eyes and a silver band for my hair and I wear a small size," she said the coach picked out her colors and gave them to her. Kirei walked out. Silvery, Momoiro, and Mizuiro went in and then they all went to get dressed. Soon the whole class was about to be gathered. Silvery had a silver top, which was scooped sleeves and high necked, and had silver capris and a clear belt. Momoiro and Mizuiro had matching outfits but different colors. They were the same tops as Silvery's, Mizuiro's was light blue like her hair and eyes, and Momoiro's was pink like her hair and eyes. Their bottoms were attached and were skorts in the same colors with the clear belt. Kirei's was a long dress that went to her ankles with slits up to her waist. It had short shorts, which were black with the silver belt. This was an outfit, which only the most advanced fighters wore. All of the outfits came with a pair of black slippers. Soon all the group had to do was their hair. 'I wonder if Kirei let her hair grow out like it was in the pass,' thought Silvery to the twins. 'I can't tell,' said Mizuiro thought back. 'I'm glad we can remember something about the past,' thought Momoiro to them. "I think I'll put my hair down," said Silvery. "We'll do ponytails," said Momoiro. "I'll do down too," said Silvery. As she unwrapped her hair. They all gasped as they saw all of the wavy light brown tresses fall below her knees. "How did you make your hair look so short?" asked Silvery. "Oh I can make it a bit shorter," said Kirei. "You should do it," said Silvery. Kirei nodded.

"Ok now the people who have never taken martial arts sit over to the side," the coach said. Over half the class left. "Ok now the people who have had beginner martial arts sit on the other side. After that group left it was only about twelve people left including Kirei, Silvery, Momoiro, and Mizuiro. This surprised some of the more snobbish girls that Kirei knew more then them. "Now the intermediate fighters stand behind me," said the coach. After this everyone was surprised that Kirei was still there with Silvery, Momoiro, Mizuiro. "Ok we all know that Ms. Yuma and the Long sisters are advanced but we still need to know where to put Ms. Yume. So she will battle the best of the advanced which is Ms. Yuma. So both of you get ready. "This is gonna be fun," said Kirei. Most of the people in class were surprised at her antics.

Kirei and Silvery got into a fighting stance. And the fight began. Kirei remembered the first rule and with lighting quick speed she threw punches only at Silvery. Silvery was surprised at her speed and agility and had no choice but to take on the defensive part. Which didn't help much because most of Kirei's punches hit. Then in a final move Kirei took her down. Everyone gasped some clapped others just stared in shock. "Well I guess that was quite unfair of me," said the coach. "What do you mean?" asked Kirei helping Silvery up. "You have studied many more types of fighting then Ms. Yuma as well as long," he said. "How much longer," asked Silvery finally catching her breath. "We'll you have trained sense you were 10 that is five years of training. The only one before Ms. Kirei who trained longer is Mr. Kahn who started when he was 5," he said. "When did the new girl start?" asked someone in the intermediate. The coach turned to Kirei for her to tell. "Well, I grew up in a poor orphanage where I was one of the only children there so they allowed us to study early. So that means when most would start at the age of 5 I started at the age of 3," said Kirei. The whole class was stunned. "Ok well that's it for today Ms. Yume I would like to see you in my office after you are done. Kirei took a shower, which wasn't really needed, but they were supposed to anyway. She left her hair down to dry, which it did quickly enough. Before she went to the coach's office. Silvery, Momoiro, and Mizuiro all waited for her.

"Ms. Yume I guess you already have met Mr. Kahn he is the captain of the Karate team and we would like you to become the captain of the girls making you co-captain," he said. Kirei looked skeptical. Then a voice she always listened to when heard to her to do it. She nodded. "But that is all I will not move up any positions," she said. The two men nodded. Together Kazuo and Kirei walked out. "What happened?" asked the twins. "They made me co-captain," she said sadly. "Why do you sound so sad," asked Silvery. "You know only after one day I feel as if I can tell you all of my secrets and if this friendship wants to go any farther I thing I should," said Kirei. "Ok we'll all come over and hear you out," said Kazuo. The twins and Slivery looked at him strangely. 'I think she knows something' he thought to them. They followed Kirei home all asking her things about her first day of school. Then a question came up. "Were there any problems?" Momoiro asked.

So Kirei is well on her way but how are these people she is meeting. Stay tuned. And pleez review. Ja ne Kirei Yume