Hey! I don't know how this is gonna turn out, it's basically a daydream I had in class (oops!) I decided it would make a good story, only one problem I didn't even get halfway through it. Oh well, it's not like I pre plan my stories anyways. Warning: My stories tend to be a bit fuzzy at the beginning, but they usually clear up towards the end. I don't try to confuse you, but I can't help it. I really hope you like it. On with the story!

* A memory from ten years ago*

"There was a playground, with children running everywhere, laughing. They were all laughing, all of them but me that is. I was perfectly content, all by my lonsome, but they weren't smart enough to let me be. Johnny (I've always hated that name, even before I met the scumbag) came over and started taunting me. I cried, that was the last time I ever remember crying, he lauged some more. I don't like being laughed at, never did, so I stood up and hit him, hard. He was thrown back. Now, as I look back, I think that's what started it all. The turmoil that envelops us all. That wonderfull feeling of sheer bliss after I hit him. Made him think I did. Things went too far though. I never ment to kill all those people, honest, I didn't. It just sort of happened. Another problem with all this, I enjoyed killing them, I know it's a horrible thing, but I did. Now look at me, I'm this broken girl, who dosen't even remember her own name. Who had to steal one from her first, well victom. Ami. Such a beautiful name, don't you think? I had to get this all out. I had to tell someone about this, and, well, it might as well be you. I beg of you only one thing. I want you to hear me out. I fear my time on this earth is limited. This is my story, the one that changed us all forever.


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