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"Ami. Get down here." A voice boomed.

"Comming daddy."

"Hurry." Ami run down the stairs and flew off the last one to plop on the couch.

"Yes, daddy?" She gave him a look of childhood innoscence, even though she was almost sixteen.

"That was really fast." He looked surprised at her speed.

"You told me to hurry." Then, there was a slight pause. The truth was that the man she called daddy had some unnerving news for her.

"You're not really Ami Walker." He confessed. Ami looked confused. "In truth, I really don't know who you are. You're not really my daughter. I found you, no, well, I killed your parents and was going to leave you for dead, but you looked at me and I knew I couldn't leave you there. Alone. I'm sorry I didn't tell you sooner."

"That's it." She started.

"I know it's not much, but .."

"No, daddy. I already knew that. Uncle John told me."

"He did what?!" He roared.

"That's why I made you save Mel. I thought tht could've been me, no matter. You're my daddy, the people in this house are my familly. That's all that matters." These displayes of open emotion were not usually fould in this house, because in truth this was a house of killers and robbers and cutpurses. The one called Ami was about to become the worst of them all. She was called 'Her Majesty' by her father before she had chosen her own name because of her 'my way or the highway ' policy. That name kind of stuck. It was her code in the theiving world. Her Majesty 013. She liked it. Thought it suited her.

"John get your ass down here now!"

"Oh, don't worry daddy. He left when you called me. He won't be back for a while. Hey, can I go out with Mel, I want to show her something."

"As long as your back beore it gets too dark." Odd, even in a house of theives, there had to be rules. "And Ami," he called out after her. "Make sure it's nothing too gruesome. "

They walked the alleyways alone, but they had absolutely nothing to fear. They were safe, they had eyes all over the city. Even if they hadn't, they'd have been all right. Ami could take care of the both of them.

They walked up to a dingy bar, but before they could open the door, Ami felt someone grab her. Their hand was clasped over her mouth and her hands were immoble. She wasn't scared.Kicking hard in the shinn she said...

"Hello Erik. You really shouldn't greet people like that. They might thing that you're trying to hurt them or something." They exchanged looks. "You ready?"

"As always." This was Erik, Ami's best freind for as long as she could remember. The only person who even came close to matching her strength and cunning. This deadly combination had brought them together, but could also tear them apart.

The bar was not what the normal person would expect. From looking at the outside anyway. It was realy big inside (sorry for lack of better descriptive words.) In all reality, it wasn't really a bar at all, but a palace, hidden underground to prevent exposure.

"So this is what Hell's Castle looks like." Ami eyed the place approvingly, "Nice."

"Where are all the people?" Mel asked. The place did seem a bit, abandoned.

"Be quiet, silly chid!" Ami scolded. "We come in peace. No, we don't. If I said that it would be a lie, and I might steal and cheat, but I never to lie." She said with a chuckle.

" A contradiction in itself." A voice came from behind the shadows. "When you say you never lie, your lieing. Even the most skilled theif has to lie to cover up something sooner or later." A thin smile crept across his face."And to what pleasure do I owe this visit, your majesty." He added with a mock bow.

"You had better watch your step Reginold. Your looking at your future queen." Eying him with distaste, she continued. "You see, it has been brought to our attention, that you have not been keeping up with the times. More and more of your men have been jailed.We don't like this fact, because when your men get jailed, it hurts us. And we don't like it. So you will hand over your authority to me, and, since I like the title, I will name myself Queen."

"You can't do that!" He shouted, outraged.

"And you would dare stand up to me?" She knew she had him then. All in a days work. And by the end of this one she would rule over the most noble (pardon the pun) of theives. This was the life.

"When shall I take my leave?" He asked, obviously defeated.

"Leave?" She questioned. "Why Reginold, you should know me better than that after all these years. Your not going anywhere." She told him with a slight smirk. "You'll rule under me." Now to some, this would have been an honour, but think about it:you rule an empire of theives, then, your forced to resign and then, your stuck UNDER someone. This dosen't sit well with most people, especially people like reginold.

"My lady, I would rather take my leave."

"I know that." And woth that she turned to leave. "Make sure everything is ready for my arriaval on the morrow." And she was gone.

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