Megan Lynn Colair walked through the halls to her locker. The 14-year- old eighth grader was a student at Rosey Hills Junior High and she liked it there, for the most part. Around her, people yelled, screamed, threw random things at each other, and slammed lockers, but Megan thought it was all perfectly normal. She had to come here every day, after all, and was used to the wildness of junior high.
Megan reached her locker and casually flipped it open, using her combination lock. She ignored the girl beside her who was such a prep it was just wrong. They had to have lockers right next to each other, and Megan hated it, but tried not to express her feelings to the prep.
"Oh my god! He didn't!" the prep screamed to a passing girl. The girl was normal looking, with shoulder-length brown hair and dressed casually in jeans and a slightly baggy T-shirt. Her name was Rebecca and she was in Megan's homeroom and math class. They were sort of friends but not really. Rebecca raised an eyebrow at the prep. "Uh.what?" she said confused.
The prep, whose name was Jessyca, giggled. "You know.the guy at the mall!"
Rebecca stared at Jessyca for a moment and then continued walking.
Jessyca giggled again and opened her locker. She smiled at Megan, showing a row of perfect, shiny white teeth. Megan raised her eyebrows and turned back to collecting her books. Since her math class was her first period class and in the same room as her homeroom, all she had to do was get her math stuff, bring it all to homeroom, and sit there till first period begun after the bell.
Jessyca looked in her pink puffy makeup mirror that she had pinned to her locker door. She took out a huge pink pack stuffed with lip-gloss and lipstick, and began smothering it on.
Megan sighed and slammed her locker door shut. She turned to go the way Rebecca had gone, to homeroom, but Jessyca stopped her with a hand that had long, long nails on the fingers. The nails were painted florescent purple today. She painted them a different color every night! Megan blinked when she stared at Jessyca's nails. They were so bright that they were almost blinding.
"Wait a sec, girl!" Jessyca giggled. She struck a modeling pose. "What do you think of my outfit today?"
Megan stared at Jessyca. Today she was wearing a pink miniskirt that was so was as short as a pair of underpants. She was also wearing a shirt that could have passed for a large bra. It only came to halfway down her stomach. The shirt was neon pink and extremely tight. Her bra straps were pulled down onto her shoulders. Her hair was bleached blonde this week (yes, she colored it a different color ever week) and was perfectly straightened and hung down. Her shoes were bright pink high tops and looked horrible for gym. They had sparkly pink laces.
Megan blinked again. "Well.uh."
"Wait, you haven't even seen the best part!" Jessyca exclaimed. She turned around and stuck her rear end at Megan. Her underpants were pulled up high and they had extremely profane pictures on them.
Okay, so maybe Jessyca wasn't a prep. Maybe she was a slut. But whatever.
"Very nice," Megan sighed. She thought in her mind, Guess she'll be heading to the principal's for violation of dress code again. Yes, it's true-Jessyca was sent to the office at least twice a week for dress code violations.
Jessyca grinned and leaned against her locker, batting her eyelashes at Megan. "See ya later.I'll save you a seat at lunch."
Megan didn't bother reminding Jessyca that they didn't have the same lunch period. She just turned and left.

Megan sat, silent, in her seat at the back of the class. Homeroom was over and most of the kids had filed out for their first period class, except Megan and Rebecca, who usually sat in the front row. Rebecca sat with Megan only when her best friend, Holly, was absent. Holly was pretty cool, but Megan didn't know her that well. Holly wasn't in their homeroom but she was in their math.
Megan yawned and opened up her art notebook to a blank page. Her biggest moment of fame was when she had gotten an anime drawing of hers published in the junior high art showcase in the main lobby! She was a great artist, and everyone knew it. Every now and then somebody that she didn't really know that well would compliment her on the doodles she did in class, or the stuff she did in art (her favorite class), or ask her to draw a picture for them. She liked it, but she wasn't really that popular. Not too many people were. The In crowd here at the junior high wasn't as bad as it had been in elementary, when they had all excluded Megan and everybody else. Here, they were willing to be friends with anybody. Just about everybody had a chance. Unless you were somebody like Nathan Wihtter or something.
Megan started to draw. She got lost in her art and lost track of time as she drew. She only came back to the real world when somebody with a deep voice said sharply, "Megan!"
At first she thought it was her math teacher, Mr. Roberts. Then she looked up and realized it was one of the popular kids-Andrew Skeins! He was tall, wearing his usual black Nike hoodie and jeans, with spiked hair and glasses. Megan and Andrew were neighbors and had been friends for a number of years-and she had had a secret crush on him for almost as long.
"Whoa!" Megan yelped in surprise, immediately covering up her notebook.
"Let me see!" Andrew said, grinning and grabbing at the notebook. Megan pretended she didn't want him to see for about a minute and then she 'reluctantly' gave the notebook over.
Andrew smiled and looked at the drawing. It was anime, of course-of a dragon. It wasn't finished or as good as Megan could do, because it was just a doodle, but still, it was a lot better than most people in her grade could do!
"That's good," Andrew said, handing the notebook back. Megan mumbled a thank you and blushed, trying to hide it. Why did she always have to act like such an idiot around Andrew???
His next action surprised her-he took the seat right in front of her. Usually he sat over in the corner with the few other popular guys and sometimes a normal guy that were in the class. But today he was choosing to sit away from them-near her?
Megan shook her head. They were probably in a fight or something. Or maybe he just wanted a break from them or something. It probably had nothing to do with her. It probably had to do with.she leaned forward and peeked at who was sitting in the seat in front of Andrew. Nobody. The seat was empty. Next to Andrew? No one. Next to Megan? Nobody at all.
She and Andrew were in their own little world, right there in math class. Megan laughed silently at the thought. She shook herself out of her daze as Mr. Roberts walked into the room and began to drone on his usual boring tone about algebra. Megan dozed off again and began to doodle, losing track of time.
She started as a folded piece of paper landed on her desk. Andrew whispered, "From Rebecca!" and quickly turned back to the board. Megan could tell he wasn't paying attention either. She casually pretended to be writing something down and instead glanced at the note, hiding it from Mr. Roberts' eye.

Hey Megan,

Sup? God, this class is boring. I'm barely paying attention. U? Oh yea, Holly wants u 2 draw her a pic of a horse. Her fave animal. K? Tell me lata.

Megan tore up the note so nobody would read it. She hated to take any chance of the teachers catching her notes in school. Then she stretched, yawning. Her white Adidas shoes stuck out from under her desk. She pushed a piece of auburn hair behind her ears and stared at the front of the room, trying to look like she was paying attention.
I wish Andrew would send me a note, she thought wishfully.
As if her wish had been granted, a note landed on her desk again. She stared at it and then looked questioningly up at Rebecca. She was scribbling a note-to Holly, probably.
Then she glanced at Andrew. Andrew grinned and nodded at the note. It was from him! Megan grabbed it and opened it quickly.

Megan what class do u have after this

She giggled-Andrew was a man of few words. But he wanted to know what class she had after this? Why? She scribbled a note back.

Uh, I have this weird thing for 9 weeks where I hafta go 2 the highschool planetarium to study the about boring. Y?

She kicked the back of Andrew's chair and hissed, "Andrew!" Then she dropped the note on the floor. Andrew picked up on the hint and pretended to drop his pencil so he could pick up the note.
A few minutes later, Andrew dropped another note on her desk. She read it.

I just wanted 2 know cause I was wonderin if u wanted 2 walk 2 the class 2gether or somethin. If we had the same 1. I'm kinda sick of hangin with Justin and mike and stuff.not 4 good but I just sorta need a brake ya no? lol well I have that messed up planetarium thing next too! want walk together? -Andrew

Megan couldn't believe her eyes. She wrote back, "Yeah, sure!!" and passed it to Andrew, who turned around and grinned, causing him to get a detention from Mr. Roberts, who was really strict. Megan was afraid he would get mad at her and not want to walk with her anymore, but he wasn't mad at all. After class, they got up and left the classroom talking. They then went their separate ways to go to their lockers.
Megan practically danced to her locker, and she flipped it open, ignoring Jessyca leaning against her locker in what she thought was a cool pose. Megan stuffed her math things into her locker and pawed through the messy junk, trying to find her astronomy materials.
"Hey, Rick!" Jessyca giggled as a popular guy strode by. He had brown hair and was wearing baggy jeans and a baggy Nike T-shirt. Rick glanced over, and then he grinned and walked up to Jessyca.
Jessyca giggled again and stuck her hands in her back shorts pockets. "What's shakin'?" she said flirtatiously, shaking her hips as she said 'shakin''.
Rick laughed. "Not too much, Jess. How 'bout you?"
"I WAS waiting here for a cute guy to ask out.but never mind.I think I found him." She batted her eyelashes. "I wonder what his answer is?"
Rick blushed. "Uh, sorry Jess, but I already have a girlfriend."
Jess glared at him. Rick stared at her.
Just then, Rick's girlfriend came up. Her name was Crystal, and she was popular too, but pretty nice. She had naturally colored blonde hair, and was wearing a tight top from Abercrombie & Fitch, paired with a pair of white-washed jeans and Adidas shoes with pink stripes. "Hey," she said, grinning at Rick and grabbing his hand. The charms on her silver charm bracelet clinked together.
"Hey," Rick said, smiling at her.
"Oh, hey, Megan," Crystal added, smiling warmly at Megan. "Have you been doing any art lately?"
"A little," Megan said, taking her astronomy stuff out of her locker.
"Cool," Crystal said. Rick added, "Yeah, cool."
Jess scowled. She wanted to be the center of the conversation. She pasted a fake smile on her face and pushed her bleached hair out of her eyes. "Hey, Crystal," she said sweetly.
"Oh, um, hi, Jessyca," Crystal said awkwardly.
"Rick here," Jess said, grabbing Rick's other hand, "tells me that you and him are boyfriend and girlfriend. Is this true?" she said accusingly.
Rick shook her hand off. "Bug off, Jess," he said, annoyed.
"Fine! I can tell when I'm not wanted." she snarled, turning and strutting away.
The three watched as she walked down the hallway. A teacher came out of his room as she passed it, and he grabbed her and said sternly, "Excuse me, miss! Just who do you think you are, wearing that kind of attire to school? Come with me." Jess was dragged off.
"Forget her," Crystal said calmly. "Hey, Megan, you going to the highschool planetarium next?"
"Yeah," Megan said, closing her locker. "Why?"
"Well, I'm going there next too," Crystal said, motioning towards her astronomy books. "Wanna walk together?"
Megan stared. An invitation from one of the most popular girls in school? What an opportunity.nah, she was going with Andrew.
"Sorry, Crystal," Megan said, shrugging. "I already told Andrew Skeins I'd walk with him."
"Oh," Crystal said, not looking too disappointed. She shook back her longish blonde hair. She grinned slyly at Megan. "I know what that means."
"Uh," Megan said, blushing. "What?" she had no clue what Crystal was talking about-but she had a feeling that it was going to be about her and Andrew.
"Oh, you know!"
"You have got to be kidding me!" Crystal laughed. "You don't know what happens when a girl and a guy go to the planetarium together?"
"No, what?" Megan said, genuinely confused.
"They." she shook her head. "You'll find out. See ya, Megan." She and Rick left, walking hand in hand.