***Author's Note***

Please, do not kill me for what I am about to say..

I'm ending WOW.

*Cringes* Ok, ok, I'm sorry! But I can explain. Ok. Well, the thing is, you see, I'm just not interested in writing the story anymore. Plus I don't have nearly as much spare time as I used to. I love this story and it hurts me to end it, which is why I'm not deleting it, so it will stay up here in case anybody wants to still read it. But I assure you that if I get some really nasty flames in reviews, I WILL delete it! I apologize profusely!!! Seriously!!! But I know this is the right thing to do.. for eh.. personal reasons that nobody knows. .; .; But yeah. I hope you enjoyed the story while it lasted. I LOVE ALL MY REVIEWERS!!!! Thanks you guys! If it wasn't for you this story would NEVER have gotten nearly this far!! It probably would have ended after chapter 2. *Laughs* Well back to the point. I love all you guys, and thanks so much for reviewing... =(


Molly (clashofthenash101)