Confessions of a Torn Identity

            Julianna Blayde. I am Julianna Blayde. If she said that name enough times, maybe she would become that person, that Julianna Blayde. Locker combination 13-21-8. She threw her things inside. Everything was so confusing now. Julianna Blayde was never confused, Julianna knew everything. She knew nothing. Whoever she was. She certainly was not Julianna. Julianna wasn't her name. There was a resemblance but she wasn't Julianna. She laughed softly. She couldn't believe that she was comparing herself with some person she had never met before. A random figment who had walked into her mind one day.

            "Hey, new kid, what's your name?"

            She turned and met the eyes of a girl with hot pink streaks in her hair and a nose piercing.

            "I'm Katharine Brown. Who are you?" She organized her books in her locker and closed it, apprehensive around the other girl.

            "Zoë Webster. Nice to meet you Katharine."

            Katharine nodded, "Hi."

            "So, Katharine, do you go by anything…shorter?"

            "Well, my dad calls me Kathy…shouldn't we be going to class now?"

            Zoë shrugged and adjusted her torn messenger's bag on her shoulder. "Whatever. They don't care. Besides, you're new. You get, like, an automatic hall pass for the first week. You can cut class and just say you got lost. "

            "But that's…lying!"

            "What class do you have first?"

            "English with Kelley."

            "Me too. I'll show you there so that you can be, ahem, on time."

            Zoë turned and stalked down the hall, Katharine hurried after her silently, nervously. Julianna Blayde wouldn't be nervous. Julianna would cut class with Zoë. She told herself that Julianna was just a character she had made up in her mind, but something deep inside her gut told her that she was wrong. Who's Julianna Blayde? She wasn't expecting an answer, especially not from herself, but she got one: You are Julianna Blayde.