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You are Julianna Blayde. That short, simple fragment had haunted her all day. When she was younger, she used to write stories. She always had new characters floating around in her head, but none of them bothered her like this. All the other characters had an air of fiction to them. Julianna was too real. Maybe her imagination had evolved, or maybe Julianna was someone from her long hidden past. She waved goodbye to Zoë, who probably thought she was a total flake for being spaced out the entire day. Her dad might know something. Maybe Julianna Blayde was her mother's name; of course, her father insisted that he knew nothing about her birth parents, just that they had wanted to remain anonymous throughout the adoption. Had she read it somewhere? It could have been her father's wife; he never talked about her at all.

            "Dad, I'm home!" Katharine threw her bag down on the kitchen table and proceeded to raid the refrigerator, only to discover that it was empty. "Dad!" She yelled louder, hoping he was somewhere in the house.

            After thoroughly searching the empty house, she resigned herself to the fact that her father wasn't home and proceeded to unpack the kitchen.

            Julianna Blayde is your age…no she's ageless, absolutely ageless, just reborn. She's like you, but opposite, where you're hair is blonde hers is black. Where your eyes are blue, hers are brown. Where you are timid, she is not. But you are the same.

            "Kathy, I'm home!"

            Kathy woke up startled, she hadn't remembered falling asleep. "Hey Dad."

            "So how was your first day at school?"

            Katharine yawned as she stood up, "Ok I guess, kind of weird."

            "Make any friends?" He began unpacking the bag of Chinese takeout that was their dinner.

            She shrugged. "I met a girl named Zoë, but I'm not sure if we're going to be friends. Do we know anyone named Julianna Blayde?"

            "Julianna Blayde? No, never heard of her. You do have a second cousin named Julia though."

            Katharine laughed, "No, I don't think that would be her."

            Katharine sat down at the table across from her father, and began attempting to eat the rice with her chopsticks. Her father just sat there.

            "Kathy, don't we have plates and silverware?" he asked.

            She motioned to the pile of boxes resting on the countertops, "Somewhere in their we do," she continued to carefully shovel the rice into her mouth, "feel free to look for them."

            He glanced at the mess of the kitchen and then picked up a box and began to mirror Katharine. After a few bites, he stopped and stared at her. "Katharine, this Julianna person you were talking about, she's not like Alexia is she?"

            When Katharine was 6, she created the character Alexia, but soon it excelled beyond imaginary friend status, her behavior turned reckless, and the last straw was when Katharine tried to jump out of her second story bedroom window, because Alexia told her too. She never appeared to be schizophrenic, and her therapist found nothing wrong with her. Nine years later the dangerous phenomenon that had been Alexia was still a mystery. Her fathers concern was understandable, but she was positive that Julianna would not be a repeat of Alexia.

            "I'm positive dad. Was it your wife's name?"

            "No, her name was Jennifer."

            Whereas that did not make the Julianna problem any clearer, she couldn't resist prying further, "What happened to her?"

            Her father sighed "Kathy, you know why we separated."

            She nodded, "yeah, because you wanted kids and she didn't, and you didn't swing that way anymore, so you divorced her and adopted me."

            "It's nice to see you put it so lightly," he said in a reproachful voice, "but yes, that is why we divorced, my… sexual orientation, was more of a deciding factor then the children. But shortly after I adopted you, Katharine, she died in a hold up at a local convenience store. As you can see, she's not this Julianna character you dreamed up."

            A ball of guilt began growing in her stomach. "Sorry dad, I didn't mean to bring it up…"

            "That's alright," he said shortly, "now finish your dinner and we'll try to locate our flatware."