Confession of an Innocent looking Guilty
People say I'm innocent
Someone you can trust
That I can't get away with lies
Believe what they must.
I am the quiet one
Who monitors my every move
Is aware of all around me
While playing it smooth.
People don't seem to notice
Me very much
Any of my thoughts
Nor my strategic touch.
I am known to be mysterious
One who thinks things out
But to tell them the things I get away with
They would just be in doubt.
I plan ahead to get away with schemes
Believe it or not
The only reason I look innocent
Is because I never get caught.
There is a consequence
On which this wrongdoing is built
It is the burden unable to escape the soul
Nothing surprises me now
Everything I planned has been done.
But who will free my conscience, catching me red-handed
Who will be the one?