The Love of Her Life

It was just like yesterday
When she spent her childhood days
Making castles out of clay
While watching the sun's vanishing rays

As she grew up slowly
Underneath golden autumn leaves
She waited eagerly
For a love that's meant to be

Suddenly one winter night
By the frozen lake 'neath silver moonlight
There came before her very sight
A man in shining armor - her knight

He had no light in his eyes
He sat, bowed his head and cried
As if all the world has died
As she came to sit by his side

He told her his sad story
About his lost, beloved lady
But she tried to make him see
Life must go on without his baby

They saw each other from then on
Till all his sadness was gone
In their hearts love was born
'Together forever', in God's name they've sworn

Then out of the blue he fell sick
Day and night, by his bedside she sits
Crying, praying, didn't want to eat
Sadness and grief blinded her wits

Fate just wouldn't say
Whether or not he'd stay
But one day the sun's vanishing rays
Took her heart, her love, her soul mate away.