Fate, or Chance?
One starry Autumn night,
Whilst the moon shone it's tender light,
Love took up my puppet strings,
Whisked me up to do her biddings,
Sent me walking down the highway,
Said the time was nigh, don't go astray.
Down the streets to the city bright,
Over the river to a quiet site.
A park where beauty reigned supreme,
With a lake reflecting the moon's gentle gleam.
Then love whispered, in all tenderness,
"Wait a while, alone in this wilderness.
An appointment I must keep.
Wait and a reward shall ye reap."
So wait I did as love departed,
To somewhere for now, be best uncharted.
Wait I did for time unclocked,
For if I knew, I would be shocked.
Whilst love was absent, impatience came knocking,
"Be gone!" She cried, " For love was mocking.
"A reward you shall reap, but not as you seek,
This reward is as much a curse, to be bleak."
The witch sent rain, wind and storm.
Willing my soul may soon reformed.
But faith, that stout little fellow, held true,
Kept me warm till time was due.
But even he knew it wouldn't last long,
He and I prayed, please nothing go wrong.
Suddenly he assault around me ceased,
Faith and I were gaily pleased.
Looking around I beheld my saviour,
I was shocked to find her so near.
A heavenly angel or earthly origin,
With cheerful eyes and a sweet grin.
Lithe curves and luscious black hair,
Holding and umbrella with dignified air.
She said to me ' lets find some shade.
Some warm food and ice-cool lemonade.'
I refused, " I'm waiting for love to come."
Her eyes sparkled and my body went numb,
She laughed and my heart sang,
My soul had just drank sweet lemon tang.
She giggled and laid her hand on mine,
She tiptoed and whispered this very line.
"Love lead me here to find you."
I smiled, what else was there to do?
Then off we went, love in the lead,
To a little café to fulfil our need.
To know each other better,
Over coffee, bread and butter.
HuangYK©2003 All rights reserved