As the night became dawn, the princess awoke. A slight breeze picked up that made her curtains flutter about. There were vases of lilies, and other rare flowers everywhere. In the center of the room there was a monstrous bed with the most beautiful girl lying on top of it. Her vanity covered nearly a quarter of the room. The room was just a bit bigger then an indoor swimming pool in modern day times.

            There were four rooms that belonged to her. Her washroom had a huge tub, hot tub, swimming pool and a mini refreshments table. Her dressing chamber had thousands of apparel items, most would think impossible to choose an outfit. And her bathroom was large as well, with a cushion seat and a built in heater (just in case). There was another sleeping chamber adjacent to her washroom.

            As she woke up entirely, she started to think hard about what she was going to do today but the thoughts weren't coming.

"No surprise," she thought to herself. "Why doesn't my brain ever work when I really need it to? I know, I know I like totally flunked in my studies but hey I am a girl and I do have a life, besides, it doesn't really matter, right? Unless my chosen suitor wants me to be smart then I might have a slight problem in that area, hmmm…"

            There was no creak as the door opened and a woman in her early 40's entered the room. She looked around then her eyes softened as they locked onto the young girl.

            "Dear…dear, its time to wake up." She whispered to the girl.

            "Huh? Oh okay."

            "Come on we must hurry there's not much time till breakfast."

            Padre, the princess's servant, came to her bedside and helped her up. She quickly ushered the princess into the washroom. Many other servants came in to strip the bed and put new sheets and comforter on her monstrous bed.

            Padre helped the princess undress and get into the tub.

            "Now Crystal dear please don't swallow the water you know its bad for your health, oh, why do you always do exactly what I don't want you to do?" She sighed with a slight tsk in it.

            "Oh, I don't know, I guess…because…you're the only one I can make fun of or be myself around here, especially since mother thinks it's ' Totally rude, a princess should be seen and not heard' "

            Padre chuckled as Crystal imitated her mother to near perfection.

            "Dear you shouldn't be so hard on your mother. She's just doing what she see fit, you know that." Padre scolded slightly.

            "Yeah, yeah, yeah…how many times have I heard that one?"

            "Okay smarty pants, time to get out." She smiled at Crystal teasing.

            Padre handed her a towel and helped her out of the tub. Then both of them went into the adjoining room to get dressed. Padre quickly picked out a blue jinee outfit for Crystal to wear. Padre fixed her veil to cover her mouth and nose. She had to look extra nice to day because her betrothed was arriving. Padre did her makeup and gave her a new hairstyle.

            As Padre looked into the mirror she couldn't help still seeing the little girl that Crystal was, even though her 16th birthday celebration was soon. That's what made her so beautiful, her cuteness along with her round baby blue eyes and long silky blonde hair. Her pale porcelain skin was unblemished.

            "Well what do you think?" Padre asked.

            "Oh… You make me look beautiful, why can't I do it too?" She sighed

            "Dear you know how long it took me to master this skill?" Padre asked indignant.

            "I was just teasing." She said exasperated. Then she broke down with a case of giggles.  A servant walked into the room, bringing their giggles to an unexpected halt, he bowed low.

            "Your highness the King and Queen await you in the banquet hall."

            "Thank you ever so much. Well here I go."

            "Good luck." Padre whispered into her ear.

            She smiled at Padre. As she was being escorted by yet another servant she couldn't help wondering if the prince was going to be there already or if he just woken up like her. The walk seemed to take forever but she knew that it wasn't very far away. As she entered the banquet hall she looked around but didn't see the prince yet but she knew that he just like her would be arriving shortly.

            Padre had told her that he'd arrived late last night so they'd be giving him extra time to sleep. She sat down at the opposite end of the table. The prince would sit on her right. She looked down at her plate and started eating.

            A servant came into the room and announced that the prince would be along in a matter of moments. Butterflies roamed and sprung in Crystal's stomach. There was a slight shuffle of feet as the prince entered the room. He was quickly shown his seat and sat down. She looked up into the eyes of her betrothed and she nearly stared at him. Any negative thoughts she had before, gone.

            "Oh my god," she thought, "How lucky am I? He is gorgeous."

            Between bites of her breakfast she watched him through carefully lowered eyelashes. She could tell that he was doing the same thing. When her plate was finished she motioned for a servant to come and take the plate away. Then she got up and excused herself. She went to her room and laid down, she kept thinking about the prince.

            Padre came in to tell her that there was a meeting at lunch. And that lunch was to be served in a few moments. She had no idea it was so late in the day. The hours had just flown by. So she got up and made sure she looked ok and went to the banquet hall.

            All of the men present stood up in their chairs as she entered the room. It was a policy of honor and respect for all women.

            She sat at the left side of her mother. As she looked at her mother she couldn't help thinking about her life and how it wasn't really supposed to be.

             Since all of her brothers and sisters had renounced their title her mother and father had been forced to try once more, but to their dismay not a son but a daughter was born. But some how rather Crystal had proven her worth to her father time and time again. She had become the favorite of all his many children.

             Her father smiled at her as she sat down. Her plate was immediately filled with and assortment of foods. She looked down at her lunch and tried desperately to be hungry, but the feeling didn't come. Her mother frowned at her and gestured to eat at least a few bits. She gracefully ate parts of her lunch while the prince watched her intently. She tensed as she felt his eyes on her, but quickly told her self to relax, just as she had been instructed to do. Her mother practically beamed with pride.

            Her father was addressing the matter of land in the kingdom. Some of the men that her father had appointed to care for the land felt cheated and lied to, so, he was trying to clear it up before dinner. Other wise all of the women and children present would have to either excuse them selves or sit there all day waiting for it to be done with.

            As the hours started to roll by she longed to be out in the orchard seeing as it was a moderately warm day plus there was a sunny blue sky with no clouds in it at all. After a while her mother noticed that all the women seemed bored and needed something to do. So she quickly got her husbands attention and whispered something into his ear.

            The king nodded and called for a small break. The women were not to come back to the meeting until the dinner feast. As everyone filed out Crystal headed for her room

            "You're going out into the orchard? Well dear are you sure you'll be okay if I send you alone? I mean I'm sure another servant is available, plus your mother wouldn't be to happy."

            "Why of course I'll be fine all by my self, Padre you worry entirely too much my darling. Don't mind my mother, she's just is stuck in the old ages."

            "No I worry just the right amount now hurry along before your mouth talks me out of letting you go by your self." She smiled.

            As Crystal quickly headed for the balcony she grabbed a cloak because her outfit wasn't to be worn outside without some protection against Mother Nature. The balcony had steps that went straight down into the maze. The maze then took you into the orchard. She went into the maze; she wouldn't be having any trouble because she had memorized the entire maze long ago. The apple trees were in their all out blooming season. She felt at peace here it was always deserted because it wasn't used anymore.

            Suddenly she felt odd, her mind kept trying to find out what was wrong but she couldn't think of what it was. She turned all about trying to find if someone was watching her, but she saw no one. So she tried her best to shake the feeling. She could feel a chill start to run up her back, so she decided to try something blunt.

            "Is anyone there? If there is please show your self." She was trying her best not to be afraid, no luck though.  Her voice was rather shaky, and the fact that it was kind of high pitched didn't help.

            A boy about her age came forward shyly leading his mount. She noticed how cute this new comer was and gasped. She was thinking oo la la!! Then she saw that it was the prince. He'd been watching her.

            He seemed embarrassed about something so she inquired about it.

            "Well…um…er…gee uh miss um aheh." He started to blush slightly.

            "Hmm," she started to smile," you seem to have a big vocabulary." She laughed.

            The prince turned a deep crimson. "Sorry miss but this morning when I first saw you um you…you startled me with your beauty." He confessed. He was near the staring point but then again, so was she.

            It was her turn to blush. The prince trying to take her embarrassment away changed the subject. He asked how to reach the royal stables. She pointed but then thought it over and offered to take him herself. He gratefully accepted her offer.  He in turn offered her a ride on his mount. She accepted since she had pants on.

            He told her to hold on since she was in the back.

            She blushed and held on gently to his waist. His chest was very well built. Her heart pounded with fear and something she'd never felt before started to arise form within her. She thought the entire world must hear her heart beating. Before they reached the stables however she asked the prince to help her dismount just in case she might get into trouble. Because they weren't supposed to be alone together…it was like an unofficial law. He slid down first then he helped her gracefully slide down as well.  She was nearly half a foot shorter than him.  As he helped her down when she came to his face she was still engulfed in his arms. 

            Her new feelings made butterflies swirl around inside of her. They both started to breathe faster as their contact time increased. Their eyes were locked into place. His were icy blue with a tinge of silver lining. Their heads came closer and she was feeling uneasy. His hands slid to the back of her shoulder blades.  She quickly looked away, she didn't really want to but she had no other choice; she was betrothed to him and wasn't supposed to be having contact with him alone. She really wished she could though.

            "No, no, stop thinking about stuff its just making it worse." She thought as he put her on the ground.

            "I…. I…um I have to go." She stuttered out.

            "Yeah me too."  His breath was still labored. He looked rather hurt, but she forced herself from comforting him.  

            As she left she couldn't help it she looked back. After she was out of earshot of the prince she sighed. She really liked him. He was so nice and he was a cutie, that's always a plus. She headed back to the orchard in a daze. She couldn't shake this feeling she had; she sat down next to the center tree trying to think. But before she knew it, Padre was walking up to tell her that it was time to get ready for dinner. 

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