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Crystal was embarrassed by not knowing what she was eating at breakfast and so hid herself away for hours in her room. Many had knocked on her door only to find that there was no reply. Ty paced the hallways after telling the gigglers off for their rudeness toward one of Royalty. There was one in the palace that went unsympathetic, one of twisted intent. He was the second prince and heir to the throne if anything were to happen to Ty. But he had no intent on the throne, for he was far to pampered and didn't wish to take a wife.

This prince's name was Amri meaning Prince. When the betrothed princess came into the banquet hall he had seen not a woman but a body. He was twisted and perverted, he spent his days with the women specified for him. But now his beady eyes had turned to something new and exciting. This new princess was exactly what he liked, she was curvy and beautiful. And she, being royalty must be a virgin to marry.

A maid had drawn a bath and left Crystal to her own devices. She slid her body into the head and sighed.

"Mmm." She sighed as the moisture drained away her stress leaving her relaxed. She laid there for a long time and as the water cooled she let her mind drift. She was brought back to reality when the door opened, she thought nothing of it since the maid was due to return to dry and dress her. She stood up and held out her arms, a robe was slid over her body and she clasped it shut with her hands. She turned and daintily stepped out of the tub. When she looked up she gasped and her eyes widened.

"My lady, we have yet to meet properly." Amri said quietly, letting his eyes slide over her dripping form. A smile formed on his lips as he watched her tremble and draw the robe closer about herself. "Please… dry yourself." He turned away from her.

Crystal didn't move. "I would ask you to leave, prince Amri." She said shakily.

"You may call me Amri, formalities are for strangers. We are practically family you and I." A wicked glint flickered in his eyes. "Bloodlines make all the difference."

"I'm sure they do…" Crystal answered. "But even family must know when things are … inappropriate. I am betrothed Amri and I do not forsake vows lightly." She gave him a cold look.

"You wouldn't forsake anything, you would marry my brother just as had been promised. He would be none the wiser." Amri said convincingly.

"Perhaps not, but my guilt would consume me. And I love Ty, I could not do that to him." At the mention of love Amri's eyes blazed.

"Love does not exist. Ticonderoga doesn't deserve such a fine woman like you." He said with malice.

"Please leave." Crystal said, she could no longer look at Amri. His threatening voice made her fear him.

Amri had circled her in the bathroom, looking at everything in it with intent. He gave her a questioning and surprised look. He had thought she would jump all over him like other women. Perhaps she needed more convincing than normal women, for she was of course very special.

"Princess… why do you wish me to leave?" He folded his hands on front of him as he turned to speak with Crystal again.

"You frighten me…" she told him truthfully and glanced toward the door.

"I wish you wouldn't be… for I will not harm you." But his wicked smile told her otherwise. He began to walk toward her and she started backing out into her room.

The maid that had served Crystal quickly ran down the hallways toward Ty's study.

"Majesty!" She cried as she flung the doors open.

"Why do you interrupt me." Ty said in an angry tone. He was facing the window and looking out intently.

"Amri… he is in her room majesty!" Ty turned around to look at the gasping woman.

"Who's room Sashi?" He came to her and held her up.

"Princess…" She held her chest, suddenly Ty let her go and she nearly stumbled. He ran past her and down the hallway like a bullet. He started to sweat and became anxious.

Crystal back into her bed and promptly sat down, her eyes grew wide as he advanced on her. He leaned over her and roughly pressed his lips to her and snaked his tongue into her mouth. Crystal shook her head disgusted with his taste. His hands were yanking her robe up. She laid there helpless for she had never been taught to fight a man. She gave a muffled scream as Amri opened her robe and slid his hands around her waist.

Ty's breathing was harsh as his feet pounded into the flooring. 'One more hallway.' He kept telling himself as he neared Crystal's room. He nearly fell as he ran into a maid who was laiden with things to clean. "I'm sorry!" He yelled as his regained his footing. He glanced back to see her on the floor trying to pick everything up. He reached Crystal's hallway and ran to her door.

A pounding on her door made Crystal jump and give off a scream. Amri glared at the door as it started to creak with another jolt from the outside. He gave a frustrated growl. Suddenly there was a crash as the door burst and fell to the ground. Crystal screamed and watched as Ty stumbled in. Amri was holding her wrists to the bed and looked up with a menacing glare.

"Crystal." He said holding out his hand. Amri let her go and she scrambled behind Ty quickly. She held him from behind and shook violently. "Amri her robe…" With a glare Amri flung the robe to his brother. Ty turned and gently wrapped it around her shivering body. Crystal began to sob. "Shh…" He soothed. "Amri… if you come to her again, it will be your head." Ty said roughly as he held Crystal tightly to his chest. Her tears were hot on his chest as they soaked through his clothing.

"We shall see brother." Amri spat. "You always did get the best of everything." He pushed passed the lovers and into the hallway cursing. A maid came around the bend in the hallway and Amri pushed her aside, she gave a disgruntled sigh and gasped at the sight before her. She asked no questions and quickly took Crystal to clean and dress her. Ty stood in her doorway until she was dressed.

Crystal wore a red dress with a gauzy pink see through material over it. Bruises were quickly forming on her wrists and neck. Her eyes were red from tears. Ty quickly hugged her and kissed her forehead when she came out of her bathroom. She held his hand tightly as he lead her to dinner. She walked behind him instead of beside as if to shield herself.

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