To my many different muses,
Who have helped me through the night,
Be you human or inanimate,
Be you a faerie or a sprite.
As much as I hate to admit it,
Without you, there'd be no story
And I'm sure that you know it too
And you'll want to share the glory. (you selfish little devils, you)

To my beloved and valued readers,
Do not run away
Although I talk to faeries
Part of me is still quite sane

Welcome, all, to.

Muses: a Delve into My Semi-Sane Writer's Mind

Books are nice. Lots of people like to read. I live in the fantasy section. I have myself a nice little cottage in the mythology section. Aren't I such a nerd? But I'll have you know that a large fraction of the world is populated with nerds. Why else is the fantasy section so large? But I don't think it ever occurred to me to contribute. Well, perhaps the thought entered my mind for a while when I was in grade 7. Everyone in my class was required to write a poem for Remembrance Day. I don't remember what I wrote but obviously, it was one of the better ones in the class because my poem was chosen to be presented at the Remembrance Day assembly. I was proud and excited but as my natural instinct would have it, I was also scared, nervous, frightened.look, I'm losing my vocabulary just reliving the memory. The point is, for a moment, I felt like I had found my calling. I have never known what future I wanted.until then. I figured, why not be a writer? (Of course, I mentally snipped out the part of my brain that said, "You've never tried to write anything before!") Unfortunately, I live by the motto, "Power to the Procrastinators" and thus, did not ever write for leisure until.
In my last year of elementary school, I met one of the new people to the school. I cannot describe her as anything but different than what I was used to. My elementary school is your run-of-the-mill goody-two-shoes public school. Very mild. Spending my entire school life in that school, with those same people, I must admit that I didn't have many friends. People ran in clumps, some large, some small. Coincidently, my entire clump, excluding me, was put in an entirely different class. So obviously, I was very happy to have someone new in my class. to expand my clump. Actually, I think she mutated it into a blob. Spending 7 hours a day, 5 days a week, with the same person. I like to say that we rubbed off on each other, her on me more than vice versa.
She was a great influence on me. She helped me realize my grand passion for writing. First, she introduced me to the wonderful concept of anime, Japanese animation. From pursuing that obsession, I learned from other sources in my first year of high school the art of fanfiction writing. I believe that that was the first time that I wrote stories for pleasure, and I loved it! But writing fanfics is different from writing original stories. With fanfiction, people take the same characters and mold them into their own plots. Of course, we are all required to write a disclaimer stating that we don't own the characters, much as we'd like to. There's a different style for each series. Who knows who started it? But after a while, by reading a couple of fics from the jumble, you start to get the hang of it. There may or may not be a transition period if you decide to get hooked on a different series. Not only style, being a fanfic writer has certain unwritten rules, such as excuses to tell your beloved and valued readers/reviewers as to why you haven't updated lately. You see fanfics are posted chapter by chapter. That way, we writers may either bask in the warming glow of praise or burn in the pits of hellish flames. (Flames are pretty much insults to your hard-working literary piece.) As long as we are not cold, we're happy. Although truthfully, some people can't take the heat. (Pun intended. Sorry, there are some really dense people out there who need the obvious stated to them. I'll try to do that less frequently.) Unfortunately, I, like so many others before and after me, caught a fatal writer's disease. No, not writer's block (although that can be just as bad), one that I'd like to call "Musitis". This is the opposite of writer's block. This occurs when too many ideas are planted in your mind and you cannot possibly write them all. What makes it worse is the writer's block that occurs after you write as much as you possibly can on the new ideas. That was the end of my fanfic writing career. I think I wrote 17 fics. Perhaps only 5 of them were ever completed. Recently, I met someone who was a fan of my old work. She asked if I would ever finish them. I told her I wouldn't. It's not that I don't want to, it's just that, in the year that I hadn't written fics, I noticed that my writing style had changed. It would have been very odd to continue them. But they were fond memories. And now, I keep in touch with that fan of mine. In fact, she was the one who inspired me to write this. And I am grateful for all the inspiration I can get, for otherwise, I am a very slow writer. Being a full-time student doesn't leave me much time to write either.
.Wait a minute. I did say "first" before, right? Yes, sometimes I may stray a bit too far.
So secondly, my friend started me on song-writing. Yes, my friend is my very first real full-time muse. In class, (mind you, we are back to grade 8) we were writing poetry and we were going to have a poetry reading. It was going to be fun. We sat in groups of two or three with some of that brown paper as a table cloth. My muse and I played a Chinese war game consisting of bases, flags, shields, cannons and "Rock, Paper, Scissors". We had a great time! The room was dark. People periodically went up to read their poems and I don't quite remember all the details but somehow, my muse and I decided to write our own poem, together on the "tablecloth". She wrote most of it. It was absolutely horrible. something about a girl named Lorie. Thank goodness muses are there to give ideas and not to give writing tips. Alas, I may have had to find a replacement! But anyways, I had remembered bits and pieces of lyrics I had read off the back of a Yes! Card and wrote it down, coupling them with my own. A tune was playing in my head, matching the words on the paper. It was a lot of fun! It may not have been good but I loved song-writing. I started writing more after that, only singing to my muse (because I can't sing well, and she's tone-deaf. Perfect! I can't kill her eardrums any more!) Occasionally, I showed them to my other friends. Either they are much too nice and don't want to hurt my feelings or they have bad taste in music! Songs. I can't say that they come easily to me, but much easier than stories. With songs, I find a scenario, mostly a lovey dovey one, and a tune in my head. I cannot write a song unless I have a tune first. I do regret not being able to play a good composing instrument like the piano or the guitar. I feel, however, that if I had learned the piano as a young child, I most likely would not be as passionate about music as I am now.
I have a little cycle that I've been going through for about 2 years now, almost 3: Song, story, nothing. I write a song, I write a chapter of my story (or an entire short story) and then I write nothing for a long time. After a while, my muse stopped her full-time job. It became a walk-in clinic. So then, I started to get some other muses in. They were tiny little faeries and sprites. During one of my song periods, they were obsessed with the words: star, angel and destiny. Instead of listening to their whining, I gave in and spouted out some really cliché stuff. But in reparation, my faerie/sprite muses gave me some really nice tunes. I suppose it's all right. Although sometimes I really want to squish one of them because they think that after one good line or melody, they get to take the next 6 months off for a nice vacation while I slave away trying to exterminate the writer's block bug that they leave behind. I'd pay my muses for their work but extermination fees are expensive.and it comes out of their salary. I'm a student, I don't work, I haven't sold my work yet, I don't get an allowance. I have no income! .What? ... Uh huh. Yes, well, you have a point. One of my little muses just pointed out to me that they are right there on my shoulder helping me write this so I had better shape up or they're shipping out. on a cruise in the Caribbean?!? Sometimes I really hate being so dependent. Look! They left! Argh! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Welcome, readers, to 24 hours later. I have the time to write and finally, my muses have reappeared. Oh thank goodness! So where did I leave off? Ah yes, I have yet to tell you about my stories.
Actually, the first story I wrote is not quite a story. It is actually the script for a comic that I wrote for my friend. She created the characters and I threw them into a plot. It is called "Daughters of the Infinite" and I am quite proud of it. She is a wonderful artist and is supposed to be drawing the accompanying pictures. but I haven't heard from her in a while, so I think she may be dead. But she was a really great person and friend.
There was a reason that I retired from writing fanfics. I figured that if I wanted to write my own novel, I certainly couldn't publish a fanfic; I could get sued for using the characters! So, I stopped to focus on my original stories. I have three. The first idea I had was called "Mystic Destiny". This story required a lot of research to be a wonderful story, research I have yet to do. I am leaving that for later years. My second one is called "Dark Side of the Moon". I am focusing on finishing this story at the present because I can make everything up. It is not set in a regular setting. This story takes place in my imaginary world. My third story, (I am very eager to write this one), is called "Dragongirl". It does require, however, at least a bit of knowledge on Chinese history, which I don't really have. I may be able to get by if I assume that the TV shows are accurate. they aren't, are they? I know. A good story requires good research. or a thorough imagination. There was a time when I tried to take on all three stories at one time. Boy, did that not go according to plan. I learned the hard way not to do everything at once. So now I'm going to finish them one by one. And damn that Musitis, I've started another story called "A Songbird's Story". Oh, the harsh life of a writer. and not even a good one!
And so with this little piece, I invite you all to take a peek into my world. I must admit, I wrote this rather quickly. Sometimes I feel that I would be better suited as a short story writer. But I will persist in my attempts at a long-ish novel.
Wish me luck, dear readers, and I pray to some higher deity to give me the strength and patience to deal with my little sprites and faeries. No! I didn't mean it that way! Come back! .Aw.