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I woke up, again in another place I was not familiar with. Unlike the last spot, I felt a lot more comfortable lying on a couch under a blanket. Curious about my surroundings, I tried to get up but almost fell in the process, but only resulted in a "Thud!" As a chair tipped over, the one I was trying to support myself on. Almost instantly, I heard footsteps approaching. I was relieved when I saw that it was the Flamer who had saved me.

"I'm glad that you're okay. So your name's Lily, right?"

Still being scared that he might turn on me, I decided to use my fake name. "Yes, by the way, what's yours?"

"My name's Vark. As you know, I'm a Flamer, but not one that has intentions of conquering everyone." He replied, and I could tell he was sincere in his answer, not only in his actions. He had saved me and wasn't afraid to let the other Flamers know his opinions. His kind brown eyes filled me with warmth and support, and I suddenly realized I was daydreaming. I quickly gathered focus and saw him handing me some tea along with a dish of bread dripping with honey. "Here, eat this. It will make you feel better.

Even though he was a Flamer, I trusted him enough so I didn't suspect a thing and started eating. The food was delicious especially since I hadn't had a decent meal for a long time. I scarfed down the bread and decided that I would have the strength to get up and put the dishes away. Heading for the kitchen, I ran into another person, one that I was not familiar with. She was about the same height as me with a better build. "You must be Lily." She said to me. "I'm Alex."

"Nice to meet you, but how do you know my name?" I asked.

"Vark told me all about you. Anyway, get well soon. He saved me as well."

"Who else has he saved?"

"Well, there's you, me, a guy named Tex, and he helped Zenith, but for now, you should get some rest." She told me as she took the plates away. I went back to the couch sitting down this time. My wounds felt much better. They were recovering faster than I expected.

"Since you're awake, you might as well meet the rest of the people here." I heard Vark say. Then, I saw three other people approach. A girl that I had just met, a guy with blond hair who was taller than Vark and another guy who was pretty short. I reckon that I could possibly be taller than him if he was not as tall as me. The tall guy came forth, "Hi, I'm Zenith, nice to meet you."

"Nice to meet you too." I replied.

"As you know, I'm Alex." Alex said introducing herself again. I smiled.

"And I'm Texas, but you can call me Tex for short."


"Now," Vark said, "We have been working on how to stop the Flamers from taking over the entire Skyscraper Dimension. So, we've been training intensely to prepare ourselves in battle against the leader. Lily, are you up for it as well?"

"It would be my pleasure." I said. "But seeing that I'm on their 'wanted' list, I think I should change my name."

"What would you like to change your name to?" Asked Vark.

"How about." I paused, pretending to think, "Andrea." I chose to use my real name as a fake name. It was easier for me to respond to it.

"Sure," The new group of people said. "Now when you feel up to it, feel free to join us in training, ok?"

"Ok." I said. I wanted to train right away, but I could barely move around without limping. I decided to rest a little more. That way, I'd get better faster.

Days passed, and I still felt a bit sore, but I knew that I was ready to start training so I got up and looked for Vark. I found them in the training room exercising and fighting without weapons. Vark must have seen me come in. "Do you feel up for it?"

"Uh-huh." I nodded. "Do you have any swords to practice with?"

"There's no need for swords."

"But that's my weapon." I protested.

"Well then, make your hands your weapon for now. First off, we can't afford expensive weapons since we need to stock up on food, and second, we don't want to be noticed wherever we go." Vark told me.

I listened and went in empty handed. "Let's start by lifting some weights." Vark said as he handed me a couple of dumbbells. I sat down and started to work out with them. They were not that heavy since I was used to carrying a sword. Vark saw this and said, "You're good at this. Here, you might want more of a challenge." He said handing me a heavier set.

I took them and lifted them with ease. It was a challenge, but still fairly easy. That was only about after ten times. Then, it started getting harder. I kept at it though, for about 15 minutes straight. Then, Vark stopped me and told me to work on something else. "We don't have cars so we will probably cycle along the journey for quite a bit." He led me to a stationary bike. "Here, try and peddle at 20km/hour constantly for about an hour. We need to go at a fairly fast pace.

I got on the bike and started. The meter on the side monitored how fast I was going. I kept at a steady pace once I reached twenty. I started observing others. Tex was fighting with Zenith, and Alex and Vark were working on the treadmills. I decided to watch Tex and Zenith. Their fighting was pretty entertaining. Zenith had an advantage over Tex since he was so short, but Tex kept his ground, and dodged many of Zenith's swings. They were quite an equal match.

About a week later, I was able to practice fighting with other members in the group. I started with Alex. She, being more experienced not to mention stronger, took me down with ease. That was for the first few days, but after some practice, I was able to hold her off for a little longer. She was still able to beat me, but it took more effort.

These exercises continued for another 3 months or so. Our group, now known as the "Anti-Flamers" read the Flamer Times Daily newspaper to keep up with what was happening. It turned out that they were too busy looking for me to conquer more cities. That was a good thing, but we all knew that if we wanted to continue our goal, we would soon have to leave this place, at least before the Flamers found out that I was here.

One day, Vark took a map and explained his plan. "We are here." He said indicating a point of the Land of Flames with his finger. "We have to travel up to the Lightning clouds to make an easy get-away. The clouds are so thick there the Flamers will never spot us while they are flying in the air. When we get there, we're going to start running out of supplies, which means we're going to need a city that's resourceful in food and so forth. That would be Zenanphyr City. What we'll do is get hold of a plane or some flying vehicle, maybe even one of those dark flying clouds and fly there. After we stock up on food, we'll go off to "No Man's Land". With all the resources we carry, we can build a fort neighboring the Land of Flames. What we'll do is make our weapons and lead more people in joining us against the Flamers who intend to take over all the cities. Does everyone understand?" Asked Vark. Everyone nodded and started to pack.

I went to my room and the first thing I took was my sword cover. Although I had no sword, I hoped in finding one like I had before. I fought much better with one rather than just with my hands. Next, I packed my clothes and a spare wheel for a bike that Vark had given me. Along with that, I took a repair kit just in case anything went wrong. My armor was left behind. It was too heavy to carry in this kind of journey. The packing took close to an hour to do. By that time, everyone was ready. We did a checklist of things and we were all set.

"Let's go." Vark said, and we all peddled off onto the long road. We would have had motorcycles, but they were too heavy, required gas, and too noisy to sneak around when it came to hiding away from Flamers. Since we were all so well trained, we got to our destinations quickly.

The trip only got harder. As we got closer to the Lightning clouds, rain started to downpour. Thankfully, our bikes had tracks, which made it slightly easier to control. The peddling became harder. The Lightning clouds were up a mountain, which we had to peddle up.

By the time we got there, we were all exhausted. I wanted to collapse, and I think that the feeling was mutual. We decided to rest at a hotel that night. Vark gave us some encouragement. "You guys are great. If you hadn't worked so hard in your training, we might have needed to travel for a day and a half before we reached here. Keep up the great work."

"How are we going to do the room arrangement?" Zenith asked.

"You three guys could stay in one room while Alex and I could stay in another." I suggested.

"Okay." Everyone agreed that was a good idea. The hotel was freakishly empty, but there were no other hotels around. Since we were at the Lightning clouds, the thunder and lightning made the place even scarier. We were able to get neighboring rooms. I looked around. The rooms were fairly new. It had all the necessities we needed.

I took a nice shower and got ready for bed. In fact, I was about to fall asleep until, "ZAP!" I heard lighting strike a tall tree nearby. I took a glimpse out the window. The tree was burnt to cinders. It was a little scary but I didn't think much of it. I was too tired to. However, I couldn't fall asleep for some reason. I knew I was exhausted, but-

I must have dosed off, but what on earth was that smell. I tried to identify it but couldn't. I decided to wake Alex up. It was 3 in the morning. "Wha? Not now." She turned away from me and started to fall asleep again.

"You have to get up." I insisted. Alex, who was still half-asleep, slowly started to grow conscious again. Eventually, she listened to me and we turned on the light. We searched around to see if there was anything out of the ordinary. We checked all surfaces and checked all the drawers. However, we knew there was something or someone here for we also heard a hissing noise and to our amazement, we checked under our beds and found a gas can. "Quick! Throw it out the window." Alex cried. I did so and not a second too late, "KABOOM!" It was a bomb. Now I couldn't sleep at all. Someone was out there to get us, but who?

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