It seems to me when all was done, that in the end

There was no one who hurt me more than you, my friend.

What hurt me was what you didn't want to see,

It was that you missed the only quality that I've let define me.

That no matter what, I've never let go of my love

Because of that, another angel fell from up above

The angel was me, who were you?

But this I do not know.

An angel is flawless, perfect and true and white and pure.

But I no longer see an angel when I look into a mirror.

I see your hate has made deep scars on my face,

And I wonder how it was I ever came to this place.

When you saw my wings, tattered and torn

When you saw that my soul had grown bitter and worn

I thought you might help me, or at least you would try

But your reluctance and failure served only to make me cry

And when I realized you were done, I whispered good bye

But this you did not hear.

You told the angel why you would not fight

You gave it excuses and lies, trying to make it right

You told the angel how you could not be redeemed; first you had to learn to live

What you forgot is redemption is something that an angel will give

So instead you told stories and lies and tried make it truth

And the angel remembered the pain that had long ago stolen its youth

It remembered the markings, long, angry, red scars carved into her skin

One for me, and for you, and one for each and every sin.

The angel tried to forget you, and instead tried to flee

To run far away, and make you into naught but memory.

I remember it because you know the angel is me.

But hate I did not feel.

When the angel whispered her love into your ear

When the angel tried to again draw you near

You pushed it away and beat it and cut it again

You were the demon, I was still the angel then.

When you realized you'd hurt the angel, that it might die

The angel was saved by thef tears you did cry

The angel survived, wanting only to end your pain

It wiped your tears away, and said it was not Abel and that you were not Cain

But this we did not really believe.

You told the angel you could do better, that you would finally try.

And the angel smiled at you, believing your lies

But instead you spun webs, a giant spider you became

You hunted the angel and tried to make it feel pain.

Your desire to hurt was something that could not be sated

And it is to bear the sins of a human that angel is fated

You saw this and used this, used a pure love to make hate

You burned it and spoiled it, and took away an angels real fate

And when the angel saw what you had done, the angel felt rage

The angel felt a pure sorrow, and quickly built a locked cage

To lock you away, to keep anger in and other emotions out

And finally the angel understood what the demon was about.

The angel tried once more to hold onto its love

But what really is an angel when it's fallen from above?

It's more of a demon than you could ever be

And that fallen angel made a demon, that demon is me.

And hate I finally felt.

The angel was destroyed, the demon now has control

It's becomes just like you, with anger and hate in its soul

The angel lays broken, it lies dead in a burning field

Killed only by the true pain and hatred a mortal can wield

You took an angel, made it where you took out your strife

But now you must see, it was you who ended the angel's life

The demon that rages now in the angels scarred skin

Is there because of something it took you to begin

Because the angel loved you, and you brought it only pain

The angel lied, it was Abel, and you are doomed to be Cain.

If you see the angel's body, where a demon now resides

You must know that I the angel am still somewhere inside

But my soul is now darker, it's bitter and mangled.

But I wonder how yours look now that you have killed an angel.

But this you so easily accept.

The angel was resurrected once when it saw your tears

Because bringing you pain was its greatest fear

The angel gave you nothing but an angel's love

And it was for you that the angel leapt from above.

The angel ran once, its love had been all it could give.

You were right, you had to learn how to love and to live.

But what you always refuse to see

Is that I let my love for you control me

And what you should know is that angel needed you to fight

It needed to know you loved it, to kill off the demon of the night

The angel is now different, a demon with hate

You made it this way, but you have always controlled its fate.

The angel won't fight the demon, because you won't try.

And because the angel never got to tell you good bye.

The angel loved you so much, it was the last words it screamed

And the angel doesn't see how you don't know that you were already redeemed.

An angel's tears fell for you.

But this you refuse to see.