Shores of Eternity

Prologue: Concerns

When I first awoke, the biggest shock came when I found I had never went to sleep, let alone lived. You see, I'm one of the few people that was never born in the regular flow of time, but for some reason, I exist.

Now, I don't exactly live within the regular flow of time, either. I exist within a sub-dimension called the Nexus, which I named after a word that meant a meeting place, since the Nexus had portals to nearly every parallel universe and era imaginable.

I don't know who or what created the Nexus, but the creature or being is referred to only as the Builder. It would have to be quite powerful, in order to create a structure sandwiched between universes.

I bet you're wondering know who I am. Sorry to be so rude, but other matters distract me.

My name is Joshua, or it would be, if I had been born into the normal flow of time. For some reason, I can see nearly any parallel universe but those I exist within.

The most bizarre part is I can see my parents giving birth to me within my 'home' universe, but it becomes blurred after that. It cuts off right as I emerge from the womb, like a blacked out part of an Information Age movie.

The only way I picked up my name was my parents talking about how they would name their child if it was a boy or girl before they found out about me.

After that, no more significant information from that universe was gathered. It seemed to vanish completely.

Normally, universes don't just vanish into nothingness. However, it got even more strange when it reappeared, but in a much different form.

Earth in that entire divergence looked like it was cooked medium rare with nuclear fire. When I tried to looked backwards at the events leading up to it, I found nothing. It cut off just when several nuclear explosions occurred.

I had never seen a universe behave this way before. I was even more disturbed at the possibility something was manipulating an already hard to study universe. And it wasn't for the better.

Sorry to rant, but I'll try to start my story at the beginning, when I first awoke in the Nexus.