Shores of Eternity

Epilogue: Living

I found myself in an infant's body. I could see the woman I identified as 'mother' smiling at me. I saw my 'father' as well as a good deal of nurses and doctors around me. That was how I, Joshua David Williams, was born.

I grew up as a relatively normal child for my first few years. Around my first days of preschool and kindergarten, though, I began to show my 'true colors.' I began small, but bringing up a political or debatable issue of the time, then I'd argue better then most of the adults around me.

However, because I remembered the arcane sciences and math from the Nexus, I outdid all of my 'classmates.' Soon, I graduated college at a young age, then I started my own company. I patented nanotechnology, antigravity devices, and genetic techniques of all sorts by my teenage years.

However, my little brother, Martin Williams, didn't like the political issues I was always talking about. He later would become a sports columnist for a local newspaper. Even the fellow who was Card Shark in the previous follow of time merely became a gambler rather than a comic book reject.

After twenty years, however, my first inter-dimensional portal reached out and brought in ambassadors from Triumvia, the Confederation, and the Dominion. They had united into a three-dimensional government, and had advanced significantly since I had last left them. Gradually, my own dimension became a member of their coalition. People were even experimenting with techniques that allowed them to become energy-based life forms. I was one of the first to attempt such a technique, and I became an energy-based life form after that. The future seemed bright, indeed.

However, around that time, two old friends decided to show up.

We're back. Just wanted to say good job, kid.

However, I wonder if you're not an asshole anymore?

Oh, shut up!

Some things never change.

I could hear the duo laugh, but that did not matter. We were now together, reminiscing on old times. I had started on the Nexus, a small lab on the shores of eternity, and worked my way into an eternal, energy-based life form.

My other three comrades had helped their respective universes thrive, and they, for the most part, buried the hatchet. It was a new age, and old hatreds would do no good. Things were looking up, indeed. There was a brave new world, and I had helped bring it about. I felt very proud of myself.