Souls of Love: Chapter One- Chance Meeting

Warning: This is a story that has gay, yaoi, slash, or whatever you want to call it inside it. This means that there are two guys in here that like each other. If you don't like, don't read. I won't give much more warning beyond that. If you don't mind, then keep on reading.

"But dad! I don't want a slave! The idea and consept is too old-fashioned! I won't take part in such a thing!" shouted a boy. Even though he was eighteen and very bright, he did not act his age too often. Yet, his looks did not defy his age. He was a tall young man. About 5'10" tall. Golden hair was long, but not too long. About shoulder length and a bit shorter. To match his hair, his eyes were golden too with a tiny hint of crimson red. The owner of those eyes, right now, used them to glare at their father.

"Look Kenri, I don't care how much you oppose this. You will have a personal slave. After that, I don't care what you do with that slave, but you are getting one. It has been a long standing tradition here and in our family to get a slave at eighteen. You will not be the exception!" preached Kenri's father.

Kenri gave a sigh of defeat as his father continued to drag him through the streets of their town to the slave auction. Dispite how advanced this magical land was, they could not get past the ideas of slavery. It completely disgusted Kenri. It somewhat shamed him to know that he was one of the rich people that got slaves. It was even more shameful to him now that he was getting one. Kenri hung his head low dispite how his father told him to keep it high as a sign of pride. Soon, but not soon enough, they got to the slave auction.

"Ah, Lord Shinri. I was wondering when I'd see you and the young lord. So, here to get a new slave for the boy?" said a man as the two walked to where the slaves for sale were kept. The man's hair was black and slick. His eyes were a honey color that made Kenri sick when he saw them. It wasn't the color. No, Kenri didn't mind the honey color. It was who had that color eyes and the way they were so deformed in that man's face.

"Hello James. Yes, we are here for Kenri's first slave. I hope you've got some good ones for auction in there today. I only want the best for my son," said Lord Shinri.

"Course m'lord. Wouldn't have it any other way. So, m'young lord, are you excited?" asked James.

"Yeah, sure. Exstatic." said Kenri sarcasticly while averting his gaze. Kenri's father made a slight grunt, and Kenri's attention was back to what was going on.

"Yes, well, it looks like we can't see them now. The auction is to begin in a minute. We'll see you after the purchase, James. Good day," said Lord Shinri and then he and Kenri walked off to stand by the auctioning block.

All the while Kenri whined and complained, someone else was not doing so, but wished he could. Silvery-blue eyes darted all over in search of a way to escape. The boy ran his fingers through his silver hair. It was one of his favorite parts of himself other than his eyes. It was short in front and on top. The back on the bottom was long. When braided, it reached his lower back. The boy fingered the tips of his braid. He always fingered the tips when he was nervous.

"So, nervous Shinriyue? I bet you get sold to some 50 year old man who ends up using you for pleasure. It would be sooo funny." said a voice behind him.

"Shut it, Inori. I doubt I'll even get sold."

Inori smiled. "Okay, if you'll be so formal, so will I. Look Shiyue, I know you're a nice guy, but you have to admit, you are nice lookin'. No way is a person going to pass up the chance to buy you," said Inori.

"Yeah, riiiight. Like anyone would pay decent money for me. A silver haired freak." replied Shiyue.

"Will you give yourself a break? You're 5'10". Eighteen years old, at the top of your prime I might add. Skinny, but muscular. Lightly tanned skin. Cool looking eyes, and that braid of yours. I hate to say it like this, but it makes you look cute. There is no way that you can avoid being sold," pointed out Inori going straight to the point.

"Darn you and your powers of over analyzing," said Shiyue. "But you're part seer, right? Can you tell me if the person I'll get sold to is a good person or bad?"

Inori closed his eyes and the tiny clear gem on his forehead glowed. When it stopped, Inori opened his eyes. "I honestly can not tell you. The person to buy you will be a lucky person I tell you. You will give them something that they need, but do not know it. I give you this advice, Shiyue, keep an eye on your master. You will see what I can not tell you in your own time," replied Inori.

Shiyue gave a sigh of defeat and drooped his head down. "Is that all that you can tell me?"

"Unfortunately, yes. You know I'm not that powerful yet. But you get visions sometimes too. Did you not see anything?" questioned back Inori.

"Yes, I did see something in my sleep and dreams. I saw another boy. He looked a bit like me if it weren't for the difference of hair and eyes. He seemed to hate me, but then he seemed to smile at me and I could see no more. What does it mean?" said Shiyue with a pleading tone.

"I don't know myself. Pray to the spirits so they will protect you. You will be in my prayers too."

"Thanks Inori. You are a friend even though you don't show it." teased Shiyue.

Inori smiled. "Only around you, Shiyue."

"Okay boys and girls, look alive! Look alive!" shouted James.

James came to the cell where Shiyue and Inori were. Shiyue was praying as he opened the cell.

"Spirits of the eight elements hear my prayer. Protect me please. Listen to this slave's only pleas and answer for once..." Shiyue could not continue as James grabbed his arm and dragged him out.

"Spirits be with you Shiyue. I hope you live." said Inori silently.

Out on the street by the auctioning block, Kenri was whining even more.

"Come on, dad! Having slaves is way out dated! It's the year 2450! I think we could have out grown this by now!" complained Kenri. His father paid no heed to him as James came up on to the block.

"Alright ladys and gents! We got fer ya' today a good bunch o' slaves! Here's the firs' one!" shouted James. He went behind a screen and pulled out Shiyue. His silver hair waved in the wind. His thin clothes didn't keep out the cold of the wind and he shivered.

"A fine young lad right here! Sold into slavery to pay off debts so he's in good shape I reckon! At the top of his prime! Eighteen years old he is! Now we'll start the bidding! Who'll give me 100 Katen for this lad!" he shouted.

The minute Kenri saw Shiyue and looked into his eyes, he didn't know what came over him. There was saddness for him, anger at his parents for selling him, sympathy, amazement, and other things running through his head. It was right then that he knew, he wanted to have him as a slave.

"I'll pay 500 Katen for the kid!" said a man to the right.

"500 Katen opening bid! Who'll give me 550!" shouted James.

"DAD! I want that one!" shouted Kenri at his dad.

"So, now you get into this, eh? Alright, he doesn't seem like much to me, but if you want him, you can have him. I'll pay 600 Katen!" shouted Lord Shinri.

"600 Katen! Who'll give me 650? Who'll give me 700 Katen for this young boy!"

Shiyue was nervous as the people battled with money over him. The wind blew again, but it was stronger and part of his shirt came undone and blew off. It exposed his chest which was nicely defined but not too muscular. This sent the crowd cheering and more money was bid on him.

"1000 Katen!"

"2000 Katen!"

"3000 Katen!"

"4000 Katen!"

"10,000 Katen for the boy!" roared Lord Shinri.

The crowd went silent at that. 10,000 Katen was a bit much for a slave, but it was coming from Lord Shinri. 10,000 Katen was just 10 Kentio to him.

"10,000 Katen! Anyone willing to go any higher!? 10,000 Katen going once, going twice, sold to Lord Shinri for 10,000 Katen!" shouted James.

It was after that, that Kenri realized what had just happened. He had just divulged in what he was against. He felt sick and disgusted at himself. More so a bit at the newly aquired slave of his. He did feel sorry for the guy, yeah he honestly did, but he couldn't help being a little mad at the person that had broken down all the resolve he had against buying slaves and got him to indulge in the sin. Especially since they were the same age.

"Well, there you go Lord Shinri. The firs' slave for the young lord. Would ya' like him marked?" asked James when the auction was over and everyone was picking up their slaves. Inori had been sold too. He was taken by another lord for his son.

"Yes I-" Lord Shinri was cut off by Kenri.

"YOU will not mark him nor touch him. He is mine now and I say that he shall not be marked. He's gone through enough. Let's just take him and go." said Kenri rather coldly. It made Shiyue shiver even though there was no wind.

"Thas' like the young lord. Takin' charge, eh? Jus like yer father. Alright then. He won't be marked. Yer free to take him now." said James as he put a pair of hand cuffs on Shiyue and handed the chain to Kenri. When he had the chain firmly in his grasp, James gave him the key. Kenri stuck it in a secret pocket of his pants to discourage Shiyue from trying to steal it.

"Enjoy sirs!" said James while waving as Lord Shinri, Kenri, and the newly acquired slave Shiyue were driven away in a horse carrage.

As the carrage drove on the streets and into the richer part of the town, Lord Shinri looked sternly at Shiyue.

"Now boy, what is your name?" he inquired sternly.

"It is Shiyue, my lord," replied Shiyue with his head bowed down. Lord Shinri smiled at this.

"Good, you know to listen to your superiors. I expect you to behave and listen to every word my son and I tell you, is that understood?"

"Yes my lord."

Lord Shinri smiled. "So it seems my son does have good taste in slaves."

After that, there was no more talking except for Lord Shinri telling Shiyue what he had to do everyday and Shiyue's replies. When they got to the mansion, Lord Shinri went to his office to take care of some urgent business. Kenri dragged Shiyue by his chain all the way to his room and shut the door. He then circled Shiyue. He checked his braid. Looked into his eyes. Looked at his skin. Checked his clothes. All in all, it was practicly an examination. While this happened, Shiyue clutched his arms in attempt to cover himself.

"Shiyue, it means "shining moon" doesn't it?" asked Kenri softly. Shiyue only nodded his head.

"Yes it does my lord."

"You don't have to call me "my lord". I have a name. You will address me as Lord Kenri. Is that understood?" said Kenri sternly.

"Yes Lord Kenri. If you don't mind my saying, Kenri means "sun child" doesn't it?" asked Shiyue back.

"It does... It does... Come with me." said Kenri. Shiyue nervously followed.

Kenri led Shiyue by his chain to his personal bathroom. It was huge and beautiful. The tub was huge and the faucet for it was gold. Crimson rugs were on the marble floor. Windows were to the east, north, and west so that it always had some natural light. The sink was beautifuly crafted with great designs of pheonixes, suns, and fire which was unusal for a sink, but still made it beautiful. The toilet was off in a corner. Kenri went to the tub and turned it on. Hot water flowed out of the spout. Steam rose from it as it fell into the tub. Shiyue looked on with intrest as Kenri put some soap in and it began to foam.

"Well, come on, get in." said Kenri.

"Um, what?" replied Shiyue with a bit of fear.

"Come on, I know you want and need a bath. Now either you get in there, or I force you in there." said Kenri sternly. Shiyue "eeped" and slowly began to undress. Kenri turned around as he did so. When he heard the splash of water that told him that Shiyue was in the bath, he turned around. He then smacked his forehead. He had forgoten to unlock his chains. He dragged himself over, pulled Shiyue's arms up and unlocked the handcuffs.

"That's better. I trust you know how to bathe yourself. If you try to escape, you won't get far. I'm going to get you something to wear. I expect you to be here when I get back. Is that understood?"

"Yes, Lord Kenri." replied Shiyue. It kind of sickened him to be so submissive, but he had to if he wanted to at least live even though he didn't like this kind of existance.

Kenri left the bathroom and went to his closet in the corner of his large room. He yanked open the doors and went through all the stuff he had to find something appropriate for his new slave to wear. Even though it was unorthidox to give a slave such clothes as his, he wanted to. He would try his best to make him at least something short of an equal. As he pulled out random articles of clothing, he began to blush as he thought of how it would all look on the slave. The lightly tanned skin exposed by an open vest, or just the arms in a muscle shirt? Shorts? Jeans? Slacks? He couldn't really decide. He blushed further at his thoughts of the silver haired boy. 'What is wrong with me! I am so not this perverted! Get it together Kenri! It's just a slave. Nothing more.' Kenri ended his thoughts as he finally found something that would be acceptable and still average looking. It was a navy blue muscle shirt with a silver cressent moon and a silver dragon curled around it. He also pulled out a pair of black baggy jeans with silver cressent moons comming up the legs on the opposite sides of each other. He didn't really like the stuff anyway. He then pulled out a pair of underwear too. He didn't know if Shiyue had any. Kenri blushed a deep crimson as he somehow got more perverted thoughts in his head.

As Kenri blushed his head off and pulled out things for Shiyue to wear, Shiyue was enjoying his bath. He untied his hair and set the tie to the side. He dunked himself under the water to wet his hair and came up. Dark rivlets of dirt and grime flowed off Shiyue. He took some of the shampoo and worked it into his hair, taking extra care for the longer hairs in the back of his head. He then scrubbed his body with some soap and rinsed off. Shiyue got out of the tub, grabbed a towel without thinking, and walked to Kenri's room. On the way, he bumped into Kenri. Kenri let out a small gasp when he took a look at the cleaned up Shiyue. His silver hair shined brilantly and was laying flat and all over his head and face. The longer hairs were tied back into a simple ponytail. The silver-blue eyes were downcast in fear. The lightly tanned skin looked even better and less dark. As a matter of fact, he almost looked like Kenri. Change the hair color and the eyes and you'd have an exact copy. Also, Kenri hated to admit it, especially since it was so perverted, but Shiyue looked really sexy the way he was right now with the water dripping off him along with him only wearing the towel.

"Um, ah, Lord Kenri, please forgive me. I- I didn't mean to- I- I had no idea- Um, please forgive me my lord!" said Shiyue crouching on the ground. Shiyue could sense great power coming from Kenri. It was this that put him in fear. Now was the time to trully be submisive to Kenri. Regardless of how he felt. Kenri could out power him and he was a rich kid. If he tried anything funny, he would end up getting the last laugh.

Kenri just stood, mouth open wide. He couldn't believe that the slave was acting like this. Sure he had been willing to listen and everything, but now... Cowering in fear? The kid was faking it a bit. Kenri disregarded it and tossed him the clothes.

"Here, put this stuff on. You're forgiven or whatever for bummping in to me," said Kenri and he marched back into his room.

Shiyue sat there stunned. He grabbed the clothes and got dressed. Everything fit perfectly. He then walked into the room. Kenri was startled as Shiyue came in. If he thought that Shiyue was sexy in the bathroom, he was mistaken. The way he looked with the clothes was even better. The muscle shirt fit him perfectly, but was still a bit tight and showed off the slight definition in his chest. It was left untucked and went over to the baggy jeans which curved to his slender hips then got wider and covered his feet since it was so baggy and long. His hair was a bit more dry and stuck up a bit and part of it was still in a ponytail. He didn't know why he felt this was sexier. Naturally a part naked person was supposed to be sexy, but it was just the way that Shiyue looked standing there in the clothes that was just so much more better. Kenri couldn't describe it.

"So, I see those fit. You can keep those and I'll have some more clothes for you bought. You will sleep in the room next to mine. It is connected by that door." said Kenri pointing to a door at the west wall. "You are expected to take care of your own room. Laundry is done everyday. Your dirty stuff will be taken down by someone else. You'll get it back the next day."

Shiyue nodded. It was all he could do.

"I suggest you get some sleep. Tomorrow will be a busy day. You will be expected to do some chores for me. Now go, you are dismissed."

Shiyue bowed and ran to the door. His bare feet made no sound. He entered it. The room was not small, but it wasn't big either. There was a comfortable bed against the back wall. A closet for his clothes on the right. A desk, chair, and desk lamp on the left. There was a main light fixture in the middle of the top of the room. Shiyue colapsed on the bed.

"Great spirits... What are you doing to me..." Shiyue trailed off as sleep claimed him.

Okay, so how is it? I know there isn't any really yaoi-ish stuff yet. Yes, I prefer to call it yaoi. It's coming. You can't rush these things, although I do think I rushed it when I made Kenri think Shiyue was sexy... That said, I have a few notes to tell you all:
1) The definitions for the names are all mine. They don't really mean anything. Only certian parts do.
2) When Inori called Shiyue "Shinriyue", that's not a nickname. It's his last name. Shiyue's full name is Shiyue Shinriyue.
3) Lord Shinri is addressed by his last name which is Shinri. It's Kenri's last name too. Kenri's full name is Kenri Shinri.
4) When I said Shiyue feels a strong power from Kenri, he means magical power. They are in a magical place ya' know.
5) A Katen is the so called equivelent of a dollar in this world. A Kentio is the equivelent of a penny. They aren't worth that much. They are just the replacement equivelents.
That should be all and some of the stuff that's obvious. Tell me what you think of it. I have no self-esteme. You can help. Review please!