Souls of Love: Chapter Eleven- Wrapping it Up(The Ending)

Warning: This is a story that has gay, yaoi, slash, or whatever you want to call it inside it. This means that there are two guys in here that like each other. If you don't like, don't read. I won't give much more warning beyond that. If you don't mind, then keep on reading.

After reading this tale, you, the reader obviously, wants to know what happens next. This is the end of the story and what is to be told has happened.

Shiken grew up very well. He became as handsome, cute, and powerful as both his parents. At sixteen, he told his parents, Shiyue and Kenri, that he was bi. They accepted it with open arms. Shiyue gave him the spell for male pregnancy in case he would need it as a sign of good will. When Shiken had to get a slave at eighteen, even though he dispised it like his fathers, he too found his love. Ironicly, he would need the spell. He found and fell in love with one his age. Dark blue hair, light blue eyes, taller than his 5'8" by three inches, and very handsome. Shiyue and Kenri, well just Kenri, bought the boy for him. Shiken soon found out the boy's name was Riken. They did fall in love with Shiken as the uke. At 21, they got married. When Shiken was 23, he bore Shiyue and Kenri's first grand-daughter. She was named Leiko.

Lord Shinri long since Shiken was born, resigned as a lord. Kenri took his place. Lord Shinri made a wonderful grandfather and great grandfather. He lived to be 120 before his death. He almost saw his great-great-grandchild before he died. He still died very happy though.

Shiyue and Kenri's marrage lasted in eternal happiness. They lived long, happy lives before their deaths at a very great age of 199. They saw numerous generations of their family before their time was over. The family would forever remember them as great people. Their souls were destined to be together forever as soul mates.

After the great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-grandson of Shiyue and Kenri was born, was slavery abolished. This grandson took the place of council leader and abolished it. The family ideal had not vanished. Although many hated the loss, they did not care after a while.

Now all has been told and plots filled, this is the true end. The writer hopes that you have enjoyed this tale very much. The writer also hopes that it has been a sucess in inspiring you to true love. If not, well... There's always next time. When the next tale is spun and the next story woven, we will meet again. Goodbye.

Well that was an anti-climatic ending. Anyway, I hope you have enjoyed this story. Souls of Love is one of my first yaoi romance stories. I am glad that you have enjoyed it and reviewed so well! I never got as many reviews or nice comments to a story I wrote, ever. In any case, I'm going to make a sequel! I rather like Shiyue and Kenri, so they're going to be sticking around fiction for a while. Look for the sequel to Souls of Love which will be named Rebirth of the Heart! You can still e-mail for the Shiyue and Kenri picture if your heart desires too. Well, till next time!