Behind her reflection

The girl sits with her friends.
They laugh cruelly about
The people dressed differently
They want to feel better
About their own ways.

And she has a job just so
She can buy the clothes
Her friends wear,
To make sure everyone knows
They are a group:
Inseparable, strong.
Afraid to be individual,
Needing each other's support.

And she wears make-up,
Not because she needs it, but
Because she feels safer
When people can't see her
As she really is.

Façade-for fear of rejection
What's behind her mask?
Which do we see, the girl
Or her clothes?
Which do we want to?
Why are we afraid to
Look someone in the eye?
She builds up her walls
Pushes back her emotions
She is afraid to face
Each day by herself
So she covers her feelings,
Herself, with a façade.
Thinks she's happier
That way, protected.

But she holds her mask as a shield
She cowers behind her walls-
She's built them brick by brick.
And no one will look
Behind her façade
We're all scared to look
Behind our façade.

She looks in the mirror
Sees only her face-
Not a person.
And she's happy, because
She doesn't have to face
The reality of her mask-
It is a curse.
So she looks in the mirror,
And sees a face, and wonders-
"Who am I?"
And then recedes, afraid
To find her answer.