I don't care if you can dance,
You can walk, and that's enough for me.
For you can walk through trees
Through miles of rain
To meet me in our Eden
Ferns and mist curling together
Take my hand, it is not forever
It is only a night
It will be alright
Just this once.
Hovering on the ceiling of the world
Among the clouds
A little lower than the angels
But higher than the dirt.
Powder and paint washed away
At the end of the turmoil of the day
I cannot disguise myself for you
We will have a bit of conversation about false and true
Before the magic fades and lets us go
To the separate harbors where we were before
But I will still have a red rose in my hair
To remember.
Graveyard wanderings with you
Withered roses and new geraniums with scalloped leaves
Our feet pressing the moss silently
Yet even in this place commemorating death
Sun shines upon the living.
Your voice is comforting and familiar
But I look untrustingly at you out of the corner of my eye
Are you lying?
"Up and down, up and down, I will lead them up and down."
Was that your line in a former life?
Red roses rambling 'round the scenery
I have forgotten my lines
But you know them all as well as yours
Enter a cat from the left
Laughing, of course--all cats laugh at me
I am strangely hilarious to the feline species
You laugh, too, like a violin
Too late I remember my lines
Exit stage left
Dropping a single rose behind me.
The smell of the sea makes my stomach restless
My hair makes friends with the ocean breezes
You ride the sunrise unto me
Say you do not need my trust to love me!
Should I be on my knees?
You are the one begging
The sea looks on, she has seen ten thousand lovers here
Crying together on the beach
Their feet sinking into the sand.
I don't care if you can dance,
You can walk, and that's enough for me.
I kiss your feet reverently.