Just a lil something I wrote for my niece guess what her name is^^

Princess Kiah's bedtime

Princess Kiah lay awake , eyes wide in the darkness of her bedroom.. High above her angels flew on a blue sky she couldn't see. But even with out the lights she knew the sky was blue because that was her favorite color and it simply 'was'. She wished it was day time so it wouldn't be so dark and so she could see the blue sky overhead .But something else was odd, a small difference that she couldn't put her finger on.

Princess Kiah sat up and propped her self with a large leopard print pillow and cast her eyes around but she couldn't see a thing in the dark. This upset her because her nanny knew not to turn out the lights. So taking a deep breath the little princess called out to her nanny ,the little old woman with the wrinkled face would run in and see to her at once .but no one came .This made the princess sad. She folded her arms across her chest and tried to hold back tears as the darkness closed in around her.

Suddenly there came a noise, it wasn't to loud a noise but just loud enough to scare a little girl alone in the dark. A soft ,thump thudding sound like footfalls from far away. This frightened Princess Kiah and she cried out even louder this time

"Nanny! Nanny! Nannyyy!!" and she waited ,but still there was no answer.

Once again the little princess took a deep breath ,but instead of screaming she held it in and tried to calm herself the way Nanny had taught her.

"one ,two three." she counted ,but then again came the noise ,the dull thud thudding from somewhere inside her room. Kiah stopped counting at eleven .it could have been because she was afraid ,but most likely because she didn't quite remember what came after that odd number.

She looked around again and this time she noticed a shaft of light from her window and saw the moon large and bright climbing the balustrade of her balcony. Smiling to herself she ran towards it banishing the dark shadows from her mind as she drew back the lace curtains and greeted the moon.

"Hello moon." She said quite loudly ,pressing her little face against the cold glass.

"Hello Princess Kiah " Came a familiar voice from the sky.

"Moon?" the little girl asked on tiptoes so she could see better over the inner rail.

"Oh, nooo sweet heart .Its only me" Said Nanny ,her wizened old face peered down at Kiah through the glass. "Could you open the door and let an old lady in out the cold dearest?"

The little Princess was overjoyed as she dragged the little blue chair from her vanity and stood on it to unlatch the door.

"What are you doing out there Nanny ?" Kiah asked hugging tightly to the old woman. "Watching the moon rise Little One ,but it seems the wind was against me and closed the door so I couldn't get in. I've been knocking ever sense but everyone has gone to bed"

"It is bedtime silly." the princess smiled up at her Nanny lovingly.

"Yes ,I suppose it is ." was Nanny's answer as she scooped the child into her arms and carried her off to bed. Where she tucked the princess in and placed a sweet kiss on her forehead.

Princess Kiah yawned deeply and snuggled into her pillow. Eyes half closed she peered up at the angels in their blue sky and thought. 'You may have your blue sky but I have the moon and a Nanny who loves me.'