My perfect date

If I had a date, of course I would make it special. In my 14 years of life, I have not met one person who has wanted to be my boyfriend. I can deal with that. I mean, I have my books, my studies and my life to deal with. My friends would laugh at this and say I do need to act like a teenager. Tree, for example, says I need a boyfriend or I'll spend my life in a library. Actually, I'm in no hurry. It's because when I do have my first boyfriend, I want to be special so that I'll remember him forever. I don't want a "some guy I met"; I want something that is touching, something worth remembering throughout my life. And with that special someone, my date must also be worth remembering through the future perils and joys of my life. Since I am such a sucker for love, I have already planned my first date. I expect that I will be around 17 or 16 years old, with a guy around the same age. (Older, of course, or my same age) It will be at night, where we go to a romantic French restaurant, or a café. Both of us will sit down in a table with candles and a single red rose. We will talk about our interests and school. We would chat about some humorous experiences and our plans for the future. Then we will stroll around at night with a starry sky and saunter in the park. Then we will lightly kiss near a pond with trees and flowers and the starry, milky, velvety sky. To top it off, we will finally walk on the beach holding hands and simply talking. I don't want the fireworks flying off, just a simple date with an equivalent of me. He has to love books, music, and astronomy. And he must be sensitive and understanding. Not too cocky, but a guy that is confident and worth getting into a relationship. I don't want an immature slob, but a mature guy with a sense of humor. And he has to how to cook because I can't do it. Also, he must love watching Saturday Night Live and discussing books. I want a guy who is not afraid to try something new and exciting. My friends say it is impossible to find such a person, but I will be patient.

My only problem is where and when will I find such a guy?