What about the children?

All their hopes and dreams,

Falling apart at the seams.

Doesn't it seem odd

That they find joy in serrated shards?

Shards of broken dreams and sharp lies,

All while waiting a chance to die.

Little children

Run and play,

There's no hero here to save the day.

Your parents don't care

'cause they're putting on airs.

For all that see.

They're all dead, the little children,

You killed them.

With your blank stares and bored tones.

Maybe they should have been told they were special

Even if it wasn't true,

But I guess even that was too much for you.

Human sacrifices have begun

The next to go, your first-born son.

You cut him up, butchered him like meat

All for your cushy top corporate seat.

You know your daughters a whore?

All because you've beat her since she was four.

Incest is wrong, just look at mommy

But it's okay for daddy to touch me.

What about the children

That die everyday

The "heathens" that your "god" didn't save?

What about them, do any of us matter?

Or are your problems worth more?
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