It was a Thursday morning. We were learning about X's and Y's. I always thought Algebra II was supposed to be about learning numbers. Instead, we submerged into every open crevice of our brains, information about A's and B's... We had to discover why X equaled Y. That class seemed more like a theoretical version of English. I don't know why I remember that day. It's... all... still... a... blur. But I remember it was the first day I was noticed, recognized... Maybe that was it.

"Ms. Margeaux Bandings, you've got a question." He was a good math teacher. He was young, just out of college, able to relate to everyone on some sort of level. I remember he liked baseball. The sound of my own name didn't sound like the sound of my own name. I raised a questioning eyebrow that regardless of the fact that I was employed in the back of the room, I knew he could see. "I can see that look on your face. You've got a question."

I stared down onto my math homework, page 492, numbers seventeen through forty two, odd. I had done it all... I had even began to draw a full scale- model of the Empire State building, if it had been built with bobby pins and wrenches. Was he telling me that I have a question?

"No, Mr. Luteum, I don't have a question." I said. He shot me back the look of a raised eyebrow.

"Are you sure?"

I nodded. If I had a question... Perhaps I'd ask. I mean, that's what you do when you've got a question; ask, right? The entire class turned around to look at me. I don't know why. Had they never seen me before? The looks on their faces were puzzling, and I knew it would be one of those moments where as soon as everyone leaves the class, they'd all say nonchalantly to each other, 'that girl's in our class? Jeez, I never knew.' That thought almost made me laugh, it reminded me of how my funeral would probably conclude; 'yeah... so young. Oh, look, they're bringing out more sushi!' Hmm. I guess I wasn't upset being unnoticed. Maybe I preferred it that way, you know, blending. In a moment of human nothing, I was happy being no one.