As I sit here years later I question myself, what if it had been different what if I was never sent to any of those places. I always thought my life would have been better if I had never been put in to "those Damn Hospitals" but know writing this; I feel that I would have a completely different person. I would have never met so many wonderful people, and so many terrible people.  In this aspect my whole life would have been different. But no matter how hard I would wish for it my past will not change and I only have the future to look forward to. Well I am rambling; right know is not a time to think "what if" it is a time to tell "what was". 

            This is my story of how I was changed for better or worse, one will never know.  All I know is I lost my innocence at the tender age of eight and could never get that back. And saw the best and worst of people all in a building that I live in for six year rarely seeing the outside and finding myself in a never ending loop that I thought there was no escape. 

            This is the Story of my Life as a Patient of a Mental Intuition… 

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