You never think that something will happen to you while you're simply sitting, eating dinner. So when Aliens break into your house and kidnap your brother you tend to be surprised. Confused? Well, Maybe I should start at the beginning.

January 4, 2535

The news cast comes that a meteor landed in the mountains of upstate New York. I was 5

June 17, 2540

A group of ten high school kids are found murdered. The cause of death appearing to be strange burns with traces of an unknown chemical. A chemical later named Chemical Q. I was 10

In later years more murders were uncovered with the same profile. No one could figure out who was responsible.

What does this all have to do with me? Well... Why don't you sit down this may take a while.

April 23, 2545

It started as a normal day. I went to school, I talked to my friends, I did my homework , and I argued with my brother. All in all a normal day... Right?. So when mom called me for dinner I expected nothing.

We had just sat down to a dinner of Chicken stir-fry ans rice. My father had finally managed to get food on his plate, when our front door went crashing into the living room wall... On the other side of the room. It left a dent too. Anyway, so a tall man with glowing red eyes and white hair calmly stepped through the door way, and into the house like nothing happened. "I want the boy," he said calmly.

My brother, looking like he was in a trance, got up and walked over to him. My parents didn't even flinch. It was almost like they didn't realize he was leaving. I started to stand and stop them but found movement impossible. The two walked out the door, and I haven't seen my brother since. The door also somehow found it's way back on it's hinges.

About ten minutes later my parents finally snapped out of it. My Mother was the first to speak. "Daria honey, why did you set an extra place at the table."

"I didn't. I set one for you, one for Daddy, one for Derk, and one for me." I replied.

"Who's Derk sweetie?" My Dad asked.

"Noone, never mind. I guess... I just... Never mind,"

I couldn't believe it. They didn't remember! How could 17 years of their memories be altered and why didn't it work on me!?

"Are you feeling ok?" My mom asked

"I'm kind of tired actually may I be excused?" I requested.

"Of corse," my mom said; "Go get some rest. You've been under a lot of stress lately."

I ran upstairs and went to sleep. I did not want to deal with it.

The next morning to them it was like nothing happened. Derk's old room no contained the washer, the dryer, and Mom's old sewing machine. The only thing left of him was the initials he carved over the closet door.

I got ready for school, and so my parents didn't worry, I pretended like nothing happened. They were acting like it was a normal day. I figured I should too.

A honk signaled the arrival of my ride to school, but instead of Luke it was Nadia and her mom. At school Derk's locker was occupied by come new kid who liked leather a little too much. His girlfriend Tammy was wrapped around his best friend Luke instead of him. His name was removed form the board of record holders for track. His seat in assembly was empty and some geek sat on his favorite bench. A couple of kids asked me where he was but soon found themselves forgetting what the conversation was about.

"You miss him?" a voice behind me asked.

"What?" I asked slightly confused, not bothering to turn around.

"Derk? Do you miss him?"

"Yes... Wait, how do you know about..."

"Meet by the willow tree after school I'll answer everything," I turned just in time to watch a shot of black hair disappear.

To Be Continued...

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