Resistance? What Resistance?

Somehow three o'clock found me out by the old willow tree. Now for this to be significant you have to realize I'm not the trusting type. Another reason for this being a big deal is the history of that tree.

You see the little spot by the lake used to be a favorite spot for hanging out after school. Then a few years ago two charred bodies, burned by Chemical Q, were found. Now not even the wild life dared go there.

When I got there, I found the same guy that told me to come, standing with his back to me facing the creek. "I'm glad you could make it," He said not turning around to greet me.

"Yeah and I don't mean to be cliche but let's just cut to the chase." I tried to hurry him along. I didn't want to be there longer than I had to. "You said you had answers for me."

"Do you believe in Aliens?" he said snapping around, his green eyes flashing in the sun.

"No, I don't." I said sarcastically. "One just came smashing through my door, stole my brother and altered just about everyone's memories. But no, I don't believe in Aliens."

"Ok so that was a dumb question" he mumbled.

"Just a little. Now tell me who you are and what's going on."

"Jade. " He stopped for a second. "I should probably start with who took your brother. That was the leader of these 'aliens'. He's not your normal alien, being the leader he's equipped with certain extras. He picked the human name Andy. His uh alien name is Micah. We're not supposed to know that"


"Let me finish and I'll get to that. So Andy arrived with the first meteor., and yes there was more than one, but very few know about them.

"Now we don't know much about the aliens. What we do know however, is that, there are levels. All of them are telekinetic, next level up in their sick twisted little society posses the power to burn. Now these burns are simply the aliens heating their skin temperature to level human skin can't withstand and touching a human. That doesn't kill easily though, they have their limits. The next level has Chemical Q, which is not what they reported it to be. It doesn't burn. It eats. You see they make a hole by burning the skin, then inject the chemical. What the news reports didn't tell you is the corpses were hollow. Chemical Q hardens the dermis and eats everything else. Next level up is our leader. He has everything all the other ones do, mind control and the ability to bend time, meaning he can stop it long enough to do whatever he wants. But it has to be on the hour," he stopped and looked at me.

"So what does this have to do with me?"

"Well, we've discovered Micah's mind control only if the person wants it. You see most people want to block out tragic events, so when he tries to block them out, it works. No one wants to remember their son being kidnaped. After one slip he can control your mind no matter what. We think that's how it works anyway.

"Anyway it turns out, that some people it's not effective on. They remember everything. Some of us realized this and joined together, and made a group against it.

"The first time this groups attacked there were four survivors and ten casualties. The four who lived looked for more like themselves. They gathered and trained the few they could find but never made a strait out attack again. There have been small skirmishes, and the aliens always win. Mostly now we just defend people and do research, waiting for our chance to get rid of them."

"So . . . "

"So we want you. Daria, you not only remembered you noticed. You were almost able to react. You almost beat it completely. None of the rest of us can say that. Daria, we think you're the key to winning"

Now, what do you say to something like that. How do you answer when someone tells you they think you can save the world?!

"Listen. I've got to go. Meet me here at 11 tomorrow if you're interested" with that he walked away.