The End Of Forever

It seems like forever has stopped,
The clock face still remains the same,
The rain outside has ceased,
The drops pause on the window pane.

Little dogs stop barking,
The child's laughter quits it's sound,
The wrenching, tearing silence,
Is the only noise I hear around.

The clouds stop in the sky,
Like traffic on a busy street,
I think of unsaid words,
Of people that I'll never meet.

Nobody but me,
All light and life is out of sight,
No footsteps on the stairs,
No friendly face to say goodnight.

Is there an explanation?
Is there a reason for this pain?
This meaningless existence,
Seems full of loss, and never gain.

Does one life have a point?
I wish that I were more worthwhile,
I try to gather strength,
Enough to face my life's next trial.

Alone, I sit and think,
I wonder where my life has gone,
Is this death eternity?
Was that the secret all along?