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~*~True Paranormal: Case #2:Part 1: Hinder's Ghost 'E'~*~

The Hinder house is my favorite place to go Hunting. Yes, even moreso than my house. The spirits in the Hinder residence are...shall we say...calmer. There aren't quite as many spirits there as in my house. Probably because the family doesn't own a whole lot of antiques, heirlooms, and is built on the outskirts of town. 20 years ago, no one thought the outskirts would reach so far. 20 years ago, the outskirts of town was about 7 miles away.

But, to get back on track, I enjoy research at the Hinder house. Maybe one reason is because we (Jane and I) do our Hunting during the day.

There are two major spirits I sense there. Several others lurk about, but the two main ones are the ones I'll talk about today.

The first one, is one Jane and I call "E". We've given it this name because it's the only letter of his name he'll reveal to me. We first came across E near the middle of summer school (about July), when she told me about some strange happenings going on in her house. She knew I liked to study the paranormal, and asked me to come over and see what I could find.

The 'strange' happenings at her house involved noises coming from the ceiling, and the opeining and closing of her front door, and her porch door. Later, she had another incident, where she had been cleaning out the family van, when the door slammed shut on her.

Well, the first day I went over for a look around, we did a basic calling of the spirits. We used lit candles (we could only find tea lights), which we (to my dismay) had to light with matches (the chemicals used in matches interfer with ghost Hunting). I also had some of my stones that I use for stirring the energies of each room with me.

The 'ceremony' (if you want to call it that) is simple, but needs much consentration. We started in the kitchen, since that was where we had been at the moment, and moved into the living room. Once in the living room, I felt the need to sit at the couch on the West wall. When I sat, I was overwhelmed with the two spirits. The male one forged through.

The man, E, had obviously been old, when he had passed, and had had some kind of shoulder problem, because my shoulder began to flare with pain the instant I sat down. I told all this to Jane, while getting strange symbols in my head. Then we moved to the front room, and then to the Dining room, finding nothing.

Then we moved to go upstairs. Just off the second landing, I felt something shift. Time. It sounds weird, I know, but the air changed, seemed to feel older, colder. We went into Jane's room and bathroom, and found nothing. Then we went into her parent's room.

For a moment, I couldn't sense anything. But I turned to look at the TV, just to look incase my intuition had missed something. And it had. There was a man, lying on the side of the bed, closest to me. I swung back around, to look at Jane.

"Jane," I whispered, "do you see it?"

"The imprint?"

I didn't know what she was talking about, but as I looked down at the bed, I could see it, the bed was imprinted with the same figure as the man in the TV. I told her to look at the TV screen, and she saw it there, too.

It was amazing. And I talked to him. For a long time. For a while, he was stubborn, then I asked him where the portal was, and he didn't answer.

The portal, or tear, is a place between our dimension and the other side. It's the way that the ghosts can move between the relms. And if the portals aren't closed fast enough, or there is alot of bad energy circling around the house, spirits with evil purposes can enter. That's not something you want.

Finally, I ordered him to show me. If you order a spirit in the name of a god/dess, angel, saint, etc...the ghost almost HAS TO show you. The imprint vanished from the bed, and the figure was gone from the TV.

Jane and I stared at each other for a moment, thinking maybe he had gotten fed up with us and disappeared (you can't confine a ghost unless you use a circle/cone of power).

The door to the bedroom creaked and my hand with the candle swung towards it, as if someone was dragging me. When we got to the hallway, I lost all traces of the pull, and we were left to stand there, waiting to be moved again.

I think, somehow, I knew where the portal was. I had been getting slight readings from the corner in the kitchen where the porch door was, which ment the portal might have been right in the room above it. Her computer room. I went in and was immediately drawn to the corner. We had found the portal. We weren't strong enough, just the two of us, to close it all the way, but we made a little progress.

Then, when we had grown tired, we went down the stairs, and into the kitchen, and sat at the kitchen table, just sitting. It got really cold sometimes, but we didn't have another contact.

About 1/2 an hour later, Jane and I sat down in the living room to watch Sailor Moon. About 15 minutes into the show, an old clock in the kitchen, hanging near the hallway that led to the garage, chimed.

That clock, according to Jane, hadn't worked for 10 years.




Okay, this was a little shorter than Case #1, but this, like all other files, is still open, and there is much more to be told. The second spirit I mentioned above has very little known about her, except that it IS a 'she' and she sticks mainly to the Hinder's living room. There will be a seperate case file about her.