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She was surprised that she actually heard Tim's surprised gasp before her own. Both had stopped dead in the doorway, their eyes huge as they stared.

Obviously, Tim came to his senses before she did and walked up to them, shooting her a sly grin before saying loudly "Well just look at the happy couple!"

The two jolted away from each other, looking utterly bewildered at being discovered smack in the center of the parking lot. They proceeded to carry on a conversation as Silence silently fumed, still rooted to the spot.

For a moment, she had actually felt hurt when she saw them, mostly because of what he had said last night, even if he had not meant it. Then, it all turned to rage. So that was why he could not like her. He still wanted prissy perfect little Rumana.

She walked casually down to them, a smug look on her face and not once looking at Michael. Tim turned to her "Back together."

Silence shrugged "Who would've thought," she said sarcastically, brushing her hair back and turning to walk towards the school.

Everyone followed her after a few seconds, Tim catching up with her as they walked along the path and up onto the top floor.

All of first period was spent doodling angrily around her notes when she had time between Miss Tylenol's talking, where some of her classmates turned worriedly to make sure she wasn't doodling her notebook right apart since she'd already made a large border for the notes on balancing chemical equations.

However, partway through the day, something happened that brightened her spirits greatly.

Her fourth period art teacher was just beginning the lesson when someone next to the window gasped and pointed fervently outside "Look out there!"

Being students ready for any and every diversion from class possible, everyone leapt up from their seats and crowded against the windows.

"Dude, Pat, I don't see anything," someone said.

The guy pointed again "Something's over there looks like it's growing."

Sure enough, as everyone looked closer, they could see a strange shape seemingly getting bigger just past a row of trees on the school's border.

It was not until it had grown completely to its full size that people realized what it was.

"You guys, I think it's a gigantic Barney balloon like they have at parades!"

The huge purple dinosaur swayed in the wind, floating slowly towards them. People were just starting to wonder if it was some escaped balloon from a parade somewhere when the intercom buzzed on.

"Hello fellow students of Yunzia High, and we will be your announcers for this fine show. Now, I don't know about you guys, but Barney looks kinda unhappy floating around upside-down and such headed right for us. Maybe we should take him down, ey?" the voice was male, and Silence had absolutely no trouble in figuring out that this was all the doing on Ben and Tara.

Once people realized that this was a prank, people began chanting, "Bring him down!" and they could even hear people chanting it from rooms across the hall and beside them. No one seemed to care how they had tapped into the intercom system.

Down in the main office, Mr. Wind was frantic "Somebody find where they're stationed! It's almost impossible to get into our system and I don't know how they did it!" People were running everywhere searching for them with no luck.

"There are a lot of people looking for us, so we'll make it a good, quick show. And Barney's coming down to earth right...NOW!" came Tara's voice.

The huge balloon exploded in about a dozen places, shooting thousands of pieces of confetti everywhere and bringing a huge joyous cheer from all students in the school. The teachers gave up trying to get them calm again.

Silence shook her head, laughing. Not only had they gotten a giant Barney balloon somewhere, but also they had filled it with confetti, inflated it, and tapped into the intercom system at the same time. Everyone watched the fragments of balloon hit the ground and another cheer ensued.

However, one could almost hear the collective groan of students as they were finally ushered back to their seats by the teachers and made to listen to their lessons once more.


The rest of the day, all one heard students talking about was the exploding Barney and coming up with crazy ideas on how they'd pulled such a thing off. Some people were even saying that Ben and Tara had somehow smuggled the balloon in from somewhere and that there was a crazy rumor going around that the Chinese had helped them.

During a study hall, Silence had gotten excessively bored and had taken the hall pass to walk around for a bit, barely surprised when she turned a corner and Tara flew past her, shortly followed by Ben, and an angry looking teacher trying to catch up with them. She grinned, and continued walking.

The senior floor really had not looked as big as it really was. She ended up getting completely lost in a place she figured was very far from her study hall, having gone down several small staircases and a few doors. Realizing it might take her awhile to find her way back, she figured she might as well find the bathroom before she got back and just use the "I got lost" excuse when she returned 15 minutes later.

However, the further she went, the more she realized that the place she was in looked more like an old warehouse. There were many doors, the paint was peeling off the walls, and half of the overhead lights were flickering or burnt out.

Silence peered around her at some of the doors, searching for a bathroom sign. She walked down the hall, checking every door before she turned the corner, and the very last door in front of her had a battered but legible sign reading "Girls' Bathroom."

She stepped up to the door, and just as she was about to pull on the handle, a tiny light bulb turned on beside it and a robotic voice echoed digitally through the small hall "Password to enter, please."

She stared at the light, and then looked at the door. There was a password to get into the bathroom? For a moment she just stared at the door as the voice coming from somewhere near the light bulb repeated the question every 20 seconds or so. Then, she looked down and saw that she was standing in a puddle of water.

"Eeeuugh!! I'm standing in a puddle of water!"

The light turned green "Password confirmed. You may enter."

For several more seconds she was too busy getting over the fact of the puddle on the floor to hear what the voice had said. Then she looked up "That's the password? 'I'm standing in a puddle of water'?! I swear this school is psycho," she said to herself, taking hold of the handle and pulling the door open.

Unfortunately, she saw no toilets.

The room was filled with filing cabinets, many overflowing with papers and file folders and the floor was nearly covered as well. The only subtle signs of there ever being a bathroom here was a drain on the floor, the tiled walls, and several cracked sinks that also had stacks of paper on them in the far side of the room. She walked in slowly, looking around and wondering about the multitude of trees that must have died just to fill this room. What is this, the discarded Yunzia files of doom or something? she thought to herself, stooping and picking up a paper to inspect.

Something she could not read was scribbled on it, so she dropped it and sighted a newspaper clipping, stepping over the other papers and picking it up. She read the headline "Students claim Bluster losing his marbles. Situation gets worse."

She scanned the article quickly for a date that popped out, and found September 4th, 1942 right at the beginning. Silence held it closer and stepped under a functioning light, and began to read.

The situation is quickly diminishing for Yunzia principal Bluster.

Yesterday, September 4th, 1942, the strange occurrences continued at Yunzia High School, noted for its bright students and excellent schooling programs. Such things happened as students finding hidden staircases, seeing strange creatures that do not even exist, and objects falling from high shelves completely on their own. Yet students report that Principal Bluster will not listen to their concerns nor do anything about them.

Bluster has told us that all of these things are complete figments of the students' imaginations, perhaps even a hoax to try to frighten underclassmen or merely make the school more exciting and mysterious. He has said explicitly that neither he nor any of the staff have seen any of what the students claim to be seeing and finding.

And yet there are still people out there who are beginning to believe them, even if no one has any exact proof. We have also heard from students that one student went missing for a day and suddenly appeared in the cafeteria with them during lunch, though not many seem to remember this.

Yet one thing is for certain at Yunzia: If students continue seeing strange things happening and Bluster will not listen, the school board has said they will go to the extreme of calling him down to them to discuss the matter. If things do not improve, Bluster could even be sacked, and Yunzia could revert to chaos in under a week.

Silence stared silently at the article, first wondering what happened to Bluster, and second thinking that Tim had definitely not gotten any of this information for his report on Yunzia's history. She had known there was something strange about it here, but Mr. Wind seemed to be a fine principal. Nothing was strange about him, and there were no crazy reports of seeing anything weird. Although...she did wonder just how she had ended up here.

But that aside, she suddenly became immensely interested in the school's past. Silence was just about to reach for another paper when she caught sight of her watch. She had been gone for 20 minutes!

She dropped the article and threw the doors closed, darting down the hall and, though it took her at least five or ten minutes to figure out where she was, she finally got back to her study hall.

Mr. Turnam looked up from his desk for a moment when she walked in "Fell in did you Miss Winters?"

She looked at him, slightly startled then put the hall pass back and returned to her seat to several uncomfortable stares "I got lost. This school is huge, I couldn't find the bathroom, Mr. Turnam."

He then looked up at her "Silence, if you would have turned right when you left you would have found a bathroom two doors down."

She stared back at him as several people snickered, then she laughed slightly "Oh, well, I'll have to remember that next time." Reaching into her bookbag, she pulled out her Calculus book, and started on her work.


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