Out of My Head
I'm out of my head,
Staring at a blank white wall.
Can't hear, can't see,
Just fearing the fall.
Wanting to run away,
Get it all out of my head.
Trying to move my feet;
They're made out of lead.
Slipping into nothingness,
Are memories of the past.
Deserted and afraid;
Why can't it go by fast?
Nothing shining through,
Pitch black everyday.
Trying to speak the words,
But there's nothing to say.
I'm out of my head,
The wall's turning red.
Can't hear, can't see,
Praying I'll hit the bed.
Feeling the blood flow,
Feeling my mind bleed.
To let it all out,
That's what I need.
Blending together,
The thoughts of the past and today.
As hard as I try,
They won't wash away.
Screaming in my head,
Trying to let it go.
Never ending episodes,
Working in and out of flow.
I'm out of my head,
A black wall without a door.
Can't hear, can't see,
I hit the floor.
There's no way out,
I'm trapped, I'm stuck.
No where to go,
My mind's in a muck.
Bottoming out,
To the bleak end.
But is still will not stop,
If only you could see, my friend.
Not alone, but still silent,
Can't hear, can't see.
I try to fight it,
But never will I be free.