Your angelic words are all I can see
Your diversions of my harsh reality
The lies you try to pour
Are now dead upon the floor
And yet you still try to fake
Fake the truth of lies for your sake
It's an addiction, a hobby, these lies you tell
No one knows, you could be heading to hell
How many people have you killed with your voice?
Giving them no reason to live, no choice
Soothing them to follow along
Taunting them to sing your song
And yet you always get caught
It was a good truth, but with a lie you fought
Because of you where are those souls?
Are they now burning on hell's coals?
The love you freely gave away
The love that would never stay
The lies, the words, the truth of it all
Now we're standing back, waiting for you to fall
Keep on going; keep up your charade
We'll keep watching your freak parade
Enchanter, liar, that's who you are
And now you're gone, dying afar
Withering in the land of your lies
And we sit here and listen to your far away cries
Outcast from the start
Now where is your heart?
In the palm of your hand as the others you held with your gaze?
No, this won't pass; this is not only a phase
This is you, the harshest liar of them all
Yet you keep trying to go on and stand tall
Superior only in your profession of false truth
Lining up victims in your lying booth
Your eyes, the intensity of where it all comes
Where are the people, the daughters and sons?
In your pit, your view of holy despair
Crying out in the midst of your lair
Caught in the trap of the words which enthralled them
Still trapped in their minds by the ink of your pen
Mere words, mere lies, that's all that you are
The power you hold, you've taken too far
Lower than all, you are a thief of hearts
Piercing their souls with your poison tipped darts