Moving me with the edge of your sword
But I won't move, not to call you lord
You can bash me, cut me from whole
But I will not regret my soul
You try to turn me into your machine
Just another product of your little scheme
And yes, to me you are very real
But my forehead is covered with God's seal
Your demons surround me, taunt me to follow
In my heart, your lies I won't swallow
Your convincing voice, hate you scream
You are far more real than my life in its dream
You stand on one side; light stands on the right
Why won't you just leave my sight?
Leave me alone, you've killed me so far
Upon my soul you've left a scar
But I still will not reach out
Although I am still engulfed in doubt
Angels voices sooth my fears
Demon shrieks bring my tears
Leave my head, my dreams, and my life
My soul is sharp, jagged as a knife
I'm through with you know, I am not coming back
This is one soul that you will always lack
Slash me, break me, tear me to shreds
You are no longer one of my dreads
Your sheer stupidity brings a smile to my face
Now I want you gone, without a trace
Take your demons, your visions, your voices
I've already made my choices
Here you cannot reach me
Here you cannot touch me
You're terrified of the light shining from my soul
You look what you are, a mere fool
Your sword now dull, you can't bother me now
And to my God you must bow
My Maker, Deliverer, Savior and God
His angels surround me, protecting abroad
Flee while you can